The Division 2 Liberty Guide – Liberty Perks, Weapon Part Locations

No loot shooter is complete without a heaping helping of super powerful gear. In The Division 2, that means exotic weapons with unique perks and useful stats! Exotics can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes — from assault rifles to shotguns — but each has its own special place in The Division 2 endgame. And you definitely want to find them all to give yourself the most options possible. But where are they? How do you get exotics in The Division? Well, that’s what our guides are here to help answer. This time we’re going over how to get the Liberty exotic Pistol in The Division 2.

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Source: Reliced from /r/TheDivision

Liberty Perks

Since you can only have one exotic equipped at a time, it makes sense that Massive would make the Liberty a very, very good sidearm. The gun itself deals double the normal amount of damage to enemy electronics. It also highlights them alongside enemy weakpoints. Destroy either and the next bullet deals five times as much damage. Kill someone with that shot and the magazine will be refilled with double damage bullets!

A lesser appreciated part of the gun is that is provides a buff while holstered.

  • Liberty: Gain +100% damage to hostile electronics. While aiming, enemy weak points and hostile electronics are highlighted.
  • Blind Justice: After destroying an enemy’s weak point or hostile electronics, your next bullet deals +500% weapon damage. If that shot kills an enemy, your magazine is refilled and grants +100% weapon damage for the entire magazine.
  • Independence: While holstered, destroying weakpoints refills 20% of your current weapon’s magazine.

1. Complete Capital Hill Stronghold

The first step towards obtaining the Liberty exotic is just a matter of time. Pistol: Trigger & Mechanism drops from the Capital Hill Stronghold, a requirement for completing the game and unlocking World Tier 1. In short, you should get this when you complete the game! Kill Kendra Nelson and she’ll drop it for you.

2. Complete Viewpoint Museum on Hard

The entire theme with the Liberty is killing bosses to get pistol parts. This time around it’s Staff Sergeant Carl Wade at the end of the Viewpoint Museum mission. Make sure that you set the difficulty to hard, as Pistol: Sight & Rail will not drop if you’re playing on normal.

3. Complete American History Museum on Hard

Head on over to the American History Museum mission and take on the hard version of Captain Briggs. He has the Pistol: Receiver and Paint Job for you.

4. Complete Space Administration HQ on Hard

Last but not least, we have Master Sergeant Steve “Junior” Quiroz who has the Pistol: Grip & Tags along with the weapon blueprint. Again, this must be completed on hard!

After this you should have all of the Liberty pieces you need, except for one which is honestly the hardest part of the entire exotic quest.

5. Find a D50 Pistol for Crafting

One of the crafting ingredients for Kendra’s Liberty is a level one High-end D50. It’s a completely random drop so hopefully you’ve either saved one from earlier or find one relatively quickly. Just keep playing until you get one!

6. Craft the Liberty!

Now you have all the most important parts of the Liberty: the Receiver and Paint Job, the Sight and Rail, the Grip and Tags, the Trigger and Mechanism, and the blueprint itself. But you also need 19 Polycarbonate (Green), 15 Carbon Fiber (Blue), and 45 Receiver Components (Gray). Oh, and there’s that pesky D50 Level 1 pistol too.

Acquire all those resources, if you don’t have them already. Then take the whole pile to the Crafting Station at the White House. It’s finally time to whip you up your very own Liberty!

Remember that if you’re in higher world tiers you need to upgrade the crafting bench itself! Otherwise you’ll find that the weapon falls far below the current world’s gear score.

Thanks for taking the time to read our guide on how to find the Liberty in The Division 2. We hope it helps you on your wild journey through what’s left of Washington D.C. And be sure to check back at Fanbyte for more information on exotics, weapons, gear, and guides to The Division 2.