Destiny 2 Crown of Sorrow Raid Guide: Tips & Walkthrough

The Season of Opulence has brought a new raid to Destiny 2 — the Crown of Sorrows. Players jumping back into the swing of things will be conveniently decked out with level 690 gear after an initial questline to unlock the majority of the season’s goodies. After that, it’s only a hop, skip and a double jump away from what you need to take on the latest content. Check out our guide for the lowdown on how to get through the Crown of Sorrows raid with your fireteam intact.

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Crown of Sorrows Step 1 — Find Calus’ Hive Commander

Your first objective in the Crown of Sorrows raid is to find Calus’ Hive Commander. When you and your party load in, you’ll be greeted by a glowing circle on the ground in front of you. This will give a buff called Witch’s Blessing, and juggling this buff between various party members will set the tone for the rest of the raid encounter.

For best results, you’re going to have to split your party into three pairs. At the start of the encounter, only one member from each pair should walk into the circle to get Witch’s Blessing, which lasts for a minute. You’ll also want to spread your pairs out across the map once everyone that needs the buff has collected it; this is so that everyone will be able to take down the normal mobs that eventually come flooding through from all corners.

During this first bit of this raid, you need to transfer the Witch’s Blessing buff back and forth between party members. If you don’t do this before the buff ticks down to zero, the buffed player then gets a debuff which results in their death. To transfer the buffs, your whole party should meet in the middle of the map — to the north of the giant statues. Here at the edge of the map, there’s a glowing purple structure called the Witch Vassal. Get everyone in the party to shoot it. The Witch’s Blessing buff will then jump from buffed players to unbuffed players.

Your duties then split depending on whether or not you’re buffed during this bit. Buffed players have to take down enemies called Blessed Knights, Blessed Acolytes, and Blessed Ogres. Unbuffed players must take down regular versions of those enemies, Gahlran’s Retainers, and normal mobs like Thralls that spawn throughout the encounter.

Crystals will also appear around the map in various places.  Your team must destroy these, but it will only work if the crystals are shot by both a player with Witch’s Blessing and a player without. This is why we recommend splitting your party into pairs. Prioritize these crystals when they appear before rotating back onto your enemy dispatching duties. Once you clear four waves of the above, the next phase of the Crown of Sorrows Raid kicks in.

Crown of Sorrows Raid Walkthrough 1

Crown of Sorrows Step 2 — Jump For Your Life

This second part of Crown of Sorrows is essentially a glorified jumping puzzle on top of the buff-juggling mini-game from the first part of the raid. Once your party moves on to the next area, you’ll be greeted by another circle that grants Witch’s Blessing.

Almost immediately after the party buffs up (in the same way that it did before, with three pairs alternating buffs), another crystal will spawn. It’s much like the ones that you’ve already seen, but with one major difference: It’s surrounded by a spherical shield. In order to damage such crystals, players don’t just have to ensure that buffed and un-buffed players shoot at them; they also have to enter the shield’s field of protection to damage it at close-quarters.

Regular, un-shielded crystals will also spawn throughout the area, and these must be shot at by both buffed and un-buffed players as usual. Occasionally, shielded crystals will spawn as platforms materialize under them. These will require pairs of players to get within what is essentially melee range to take care of them. With each new set of shielded crystals and platforms to jump to, the party rises higher in the tower.

The first Witch’s Vassal will spawn after the party takes out a few waves of those shielded crystals. As in the first phase of Crown of Sorrows, Witch’s Blessing only lasts a minute, so you’re on a tight timer to dispatch the crystals and ensure that you’re quick on your feet with the jumping. That way you can get to the next Vassal without anyone dying.

Conveniently, the Vassals also act as a checkpoint. If you mess things up after buff-swapping, your party should spawn back at the last Vassal instead of at the very start of the jumping puzzle. The only real danger you have to watch out for is keeping track of all the crystals as they spawn around the party. Miss any one of them and all the platforms will drop out from under you, resulting in a wipe. It’s easy to get too focused on tackling the trickier shielded crystals, only to forget to keep an eye out for the normal ones that spawn far off in the distance. Always look up! And make sure that everyone is communicating and scanning the area at all times.

You can expect to swap buffs about three times at Vassals before reaching the top of the tower and the next zone: the Kingdom of Sorrow.

Crown of Sorrows Raid Walkthrough

Crown of Sorrows Step 3 — Take Down Gahlran’s Deception

Much like the last two wings of Crown of Sorrows raid, this is another dance to the death with buffs. You’ll have to contend with Blessed enemies again as a party, but this time they’ll be Thralls and Ogres. You’ll also have Wizards to deal with.

The big one to watch is Gahlran’s Deception, who will take out a player if they come into contact with it while dispatching enemies. Gahlran’s Deception essentially appears on different parts of the map and rampages around — kind of like a roaming add that has to be avoided until the very last part of this fight. It sometimes fixates on a particular player, too, so make sure to watch its line of sight and kite accordingly if you’re the unfortunate target.

Once you enter the Kingdom of Sorrows, shoot Gahlran’s Deception to kick off the fight. This starts its rampage around the map, and the fun can begin in earnest. As with the other segments of the raid, split your party into three pairs. A Witch’s Blessing field will spawn on the map.One of the player pairs must claim this as usual. Once this is done, make sure that everyone who needs to be buffed picks up the Blessing.

Once someone has the Blessing buff , the first phase of the fight will start. And players need to deal with Revenant Wizards that spawn. As before, these and any other enemies that aren’t marked with the Blessed prefix must be killed by un-buffed players. Once the Wizards are down, a Blessed Ogre will spawn and needs to be taken out by buffed players. Finally, a Witch’s Vassal will appear, which you’ll know by now is the universal signal to swap buffs. Once the buffs are swapped, another phase with the same mechanics kicks off.

After this happens a couple of times, the Vassal will start firing up. Get your whole party to shoot it as per usual protocol. Then pick one of your three pairs to go up and punch Gahlran’s Deception. This will pop its shield, remove the buff from the buffed player who punched it, and leave it vulnerable to all players who are un-buffed. They’ll be able to do massive damage to him during this phase, while buffed players are essentially playing back up until the shield has to be taken down again. It’s smart to set up a one-punch rotation for the party to make sure that you’re minimizing downtime in terms of chances to deal damage.

Don’t forget that adds will still spawn in the interim. Picking up the Witch’s Blessing in order to keep punching the lights of Gahlran’s Deception will spawn more mobs that have to be dealt with based on whether you’re buffed or not. Rinse and repeat this strategy — while always juggling buffs — until you whittle the Deception down to zero health, and voila! Now it’s time for the final boss.

Crown of Sorrows Raid Walkthrough

Crown of Sorrows Step 4 — Kill Gahlran, For Real This Time

Now that you’ve dealt with Gahlran’s Deception, it’s time for the real deal. Chuck a shot at Gahlran when they appear at the apex of the stairs Two other Gahlrans will spawn at points triangulating away from the main one. As before, you must employ the three-pair strategy, with one pair of players per Gahlran.

This time, there will be three Witch’s Vassals up during the fight. That means that managing the buffs is all down to the individual pairs coordinating well. When the fight starts, a Witch’s Blessing pool will spawn, so make sure that only half your party picks up the buff and you get your functioning pairs.

This fight is a bit of everything that you’ve already encountered before. You’ll have the mechanics from the first bit of the raid (killing Blessed enemies when you’re buffed), killing ordinary enemies when you’re not buffed, and dealing with the occasional extra Gahlran’s Deception. The shielded crystals will appear again, and pairs need to be within the shielded areas to take them out. Meanwhile, Gahlran’s Deception needs to be punched by a buffed and a non-buffed player in order to drop its shield. You need to avoid the fireballs shooting out of Gahlran’s various hands (which hurt a whole lot).

For some order amongst the chaos, know that the waves of enemies all have a pattern to them. In particular, players should  track the Blessed Knights as they go down. Once enough Knights are killed across the party, an Ogre and a Gahlran’s Deception will appear and must be taken care of.  As for the Deception, it can only be truly dispatched when its shields are down and it is crushed by a hand of Gahlran.

Crown of Sorrows Raid Walkthrough

To crush the Deception, your job this time is to get a pair close enough to  break its shields when it’s still at the apex of the stairs where the original Gahlran is. After this happens, the Deception will become frozen. Players should then take a good look at the hands of the Gahlran; if a hand is green, keep emptying bullets into said hand to kill the Deception with a smash of a giant weapon that it materializes out of nowhere. Nifty!

Once the Deception is crushed, the final phase begins. Both of Gahlran’s hands will light up with that glamorous green color, and light will start arcing from their hands into their face. This will happen to all three Gahlrans scattered around the map. Make sure everyone claims one hand and shoots it to disrupt  the channeling. Once this happens, the Gahlrans’ faces will be vulnerable; players should then start pumping rounds into their heads instead.

After you assaulted all three Gahlrans in this fashion, two should despawn, leaving only the real Gahlran at the apex of the stairs. Now it’s all hands on deck as players have to manage their buffs with the Vassal, deal with adds and crystals that continuously spawn, and keep disrupting Gahlran’s channeling in order to expose their face so real damage can be done.

Around the 30 percent health mark, after you disrupt the channeling of the lone Gahlran, all three will respawn again at their various points for you to deal with. Stay calm, make sure that the player pairs are communicating, and that everyone is shooting the Gahlrans’ hands whenever they turn green. Have un-buffed players keep an eye on normal mob control throughout to make sure no one gets overwhelmed, too. Then it’s just a matter of repeating the steps above until you down Gahlran for good. Congratulations! You’ve scraped through Crown of Sorrows and lived to tell the tale.