Dead by Daylight Trickster Build Guide – Best Killer Perks, Best Add-Ons

Better put away those lightsticks.

Tricksters are usually mischievous characters — and this one carries that spirit with some added blood. Dead by Daylight’s All-Kill DLC introduces The Trickster, a former K-Pop star turned psycho murderer. Armed with more Blades than you can keep count of and a tricked-out baseball bat accurately named “Head-smasher,” The Trickster is ready to steal the show!

Here’s a guide on how to best use this handsome killer.

Dead by Daylight The Trickster Power: Showstopper

Behaviour Interactive has gradually added more ranged killers to the roster, but unlike those previous ranged killers, The Trickster possesses unmatched speed in his ranged power. With an abundant 44 Blades in his starting inventory, The Trickster can throw single Blades, or rapid fire them in a flurry. This surge does decrease his already low movement speed, but it surprisingly also increases his control. Running out of Blades isn’t much of a hassle as The Trickster can always restock at a locker.

  • Survivors hit by The Trickster’s Blades gain a Laceration Meter. This is denoted by a segmented purple circle appearing on their character portrait.
  • To fill the Laceration Meter, a survivor needs to be hit by six Blades. The seventh Blade hit causes the survivor to lose a health state.
  • The Laceration Meter on a survivor automatically decreases if they have not been hit with a Blade in a short amount of time, even if The Trickster is still chasing them.

Trickster Special Ability: The Main Event

Every Blade hit fills up The Trickster’s Main Event meter. After 30 of these, The Trickster can activate this powerful ability. With it, he automatically throws unlimited Blades for a 30-second duration shredding through any survivor in his path.

  • Blades thrown during The Main Event do not affect the amount of Blades The Trickster was carrying before triggering the ability.
  • The Trickster’s throw rate is increased with a smaller penalty to his movement speed than during Showstopper.
  • The Main Event is reset if The Trickster is stunned with a pallet or through a survivor ability, like Head On.

Trickster Killer Perks – Dead by Daylight

Like every killer, The Trickster has three special perks which are unlockable through the Bloodweb. After reaching levels 30, 35, and 40, The Trickster’s perks become teachable and will be available on the Bloodweb of other Killers. Here are what The Trickster’s perks do:

Hex: Crowd Control

Chases become a lot easier when survivors have fewer escape options. Anytime a survivor rush vaults through a window, The Entity blocks that window for 14/17/20 seconds. There is no cooldown related to this perk; however, if the Hex Totem is cleansed then this perk can no longer be used.


Survivors will be less likely to help each other out when The Trickster carries one to a hook. When carrying a survivor, any survivors in your Terror Radius suffers from the Exposed status effect. When Exposed, a survivor will enter the Dying State from a basic attack no matter their health state. This effect is also suffered by any survivors in your Terror Radius when you hook or drop another survivor. The Exposed effect persists for 26/28/30 seconds. The cooldown is one minute long and begins when a survivor is hooked, dropped, or escapes The Trickster’s grasp.

No Way Out

There is still more to play for after the exit gates have been powered on. Once a survivor interacts with an exit gate switch, The Entity blocks both switches for 12 seconds. An additional 6/9/12 seconds is added for each token in The Trickster’s possession. A token is earned for each survivor hooked for the first time. The maximum amount of time the exit gate switches can be blocked is 36/48/60 seconds. This ability is single-use — so while it has no cooldown, it can only be triggered once.

Due to his low movement speed, The Trickster doesn’t have a great amount of tracking ability. But once a survivor is in his sights, The Trickster shines. The following perks focus on revealing survivors and slowing generator progression, so The Trickster can spend more time in the limelight!

Corrupt Intervention

This perk blocks the three furthest generators from the killer’s spawn for a maximum of 120 seconds. The Trickster can use this time to narrow distance and find survivors near these generators in the early game. Plus, this perk slows any early generator progress for survivors who spawn near them.

Pop Goes The Weasel

This perk doubles down on our focus of stopping generator progression. Whenever a survivor is hooked, the next generator the killer damages within 45 seconds will instantly lose 25% of its progress before regressing at the normal rate. Prolonging the game helps The Trickster by giving him more time to find survivors, and this perk rewards him for hooking them.

Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance

Similar to Pop Goes The Weasel, this perk focuses on stopping generator progress and hooking survivors. At the start of a game, four hooks are converted to Scourge Hooks that are highlighted for the killer. Hooking a survivor on a Scourge Hook causes the generator with the most progression to explode, losing a maximum of 15% progress and causing any survivors working on it to scream. This momentarily reveals the screaming survivors to the killer. Along with prolonging the game, this gives The Trickster his next target to hunt down.

Iron Maiden

This perk increases locker opening speed by a max of 50%. It also causes survivors who exit a locker to suffer from the Exposed status for 30 seconds, revealing their aura to you for four seconds. The increased opening speed is great for The Trickster, as he needs to restock Blades from lockers. The Exposed effect and subsequent aura reveal allow The Trickster to quickly hunt and down the survivors in one hit.

Best Add-Ons for The Trickster

The Dead by Daylight All-Kill DLC includes add-ons that are specific to The Trickster. We recommend using the following add-ons:

Bloody Boa

This rare add-on starts The Trickster with eight extra Blades and increases his max carry capacity by the same number. More Blades equals more fun and less restocking.

Melodious Murder

Melodious Murder educes reload times at lockers by 20%. This gets The Trickster restocked and back in the fight even faster.

Edge of Revival

Slightly rarer, this one makes Blades shatter off of the environment, dealing 50% Laceration to any nearby survivors. This is really good for chases in tight spaces and other areas where The Trickster is likely to hit the environment instead of a survivor.

This very rare add-on reveals a survivors’ aura for six seconds when they are one Blade hit away from a full Laceration Meter. This helps The Trickster to keep chasing for that final hit.

Iridescent Photocard

This ultra-rare add-on applies the Exposed status to survivors with a Laceration Meter that is two or fewer hits away from max. Coupled with the Diamond Cufflinks add-on, this combo is a perfect way to quickly punish any survivor that The Trickster finds.

That’s everything you need to know about The Trickster from the Dead by Daylight All-Kill DLC. How are you feeling about the newest addition to the Killer roster? Let us know in the comments below!