Darkest Dungeon 2 Skills Guide – How to Unlock & Equip New Skills

Tired of games taking it easy on you? Looking for a game to utterly crush your spirits? Want a simulation of what an average family road trip feels like? If any of these sound good then developer Red Hook’s Darkest Dungeon 2 might be the game for you. The sequel to the brutal dungeon crawler, Darkest Dungeon 2 shifts gears by embracing the rogue-lite genre. Set in a twisted world, you’ll need to battle way through countless horrors in hopes of progressing to the next inn. One of the most important mechanics you’ll need to master are Skills, which act as the various abilities each of the different characters possesses.

Here’s how to unlock new ones and equip them to your preferred character:

How to Unlock New Skills

In order to unlock new abilities, you will need to visit Shrines while you are venturing through a location via your stagecoach. One of many different types of encounters you can have, Shrines are unique as they will unlock a single new skill for a single character. These unlocks are permanent, regardless if you die or how many runs you go on. When you arrive at a Shrine, you will be given an option to select one of the four people currently in your party. If someone is dead they will, obviously, not be selectable.

Upon picking a party member you will not only receive a new skill, but a cutscene will play for you that details part of that character’s backstory. Each character has access to five additional abilities and story moments, so make sure to always prioritize Shrines during your journey. Given these are one of the few things that actually carry over when you die, it’s absolutely worth the trouble to hunt them down. Shrines will have no enemies to fight, however, you may run into a blockade along the way so always be prepared for battle.

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How to Equip Skills

Skills can be equipped at any time and are not restricted to the inn like so many other actions. Regardless of where you are, right click on the character of your choice and then go to to the combat submenu. You will see a list of skills, with some of them glowing gold. These are the ones equipped and you can only have five at any time. If the initial characters, I strongly recommend unlocking new skills on the Plague Doctor first. She will be your primary healer through the majority of the game and serves as the main support character in your party. She is utterly invaluable and is absolutely worth investing Shrines into.