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Cheese the Hypernet Current Grandmaster Nightfall in Destiny 2

The Grandmaster Nightfall this week in Destiny 2 is the new Hypernet Current strike that was added in Lightfall. While it isn’t the hardest Grandmaster in the game by any means, there is one part in particular that can be extremely frustrating. We’re talking, of course, about the sparrow segment.

About two thirds of the way through the mission, the game forces you to get on your Sparrow and complete a short race track. Since you have the Shadow Touched debuff, you can’t simply jump your way down the track — you have to be on your vehicle. That wouldn’t be so bad, except there are Taken blights around the track firing damaging orbs at you. On lower difficulties, these can be annoying but non-lethal. In the Grandmaster Nightfall version of Hypernet Current, those orbs can spell instant death.

Skilled and/or lucky players can avoid the Taken orbs and make it to the end of the track in one piece, but why bother dealing with all of that nonsense? Instead, use this simple trick.

Immediately before the Sparrow segment is the room with a number of Taken blights you have to destroy to progress. At this point, several Vex enemies will also spawn, each of which drops a cranium you can use to damage the blights more effectively. What you want to do is ensure that one cranium is left at the end of the encounter. If there’s more than one, any additional ones will despawn.

Grab the cranium after the launcher activates to take you up to the next area. While standing on the ledge you arrive on after entering the launcher, you should be able to spot one of the Taken blights in the distance. Zap it with the cranium, and it will disappear. What’s more, all of the blights along the track will disappear with it. After that, you can enjoy a peaceful Sparrow ride to the next encounter in Hypernet Current.

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