Bloons TD 6 Tips Guide – Strategies and General Tips

Bloons TD 6 has a large number of units and strategies to get you through a map. The choices can be daunting. Do you spend your starter cash on your Hero? Or do you rush Ninja Monkeys? Below we’ve got a few tips and strategies to get your wheels turning and get you started in Bloons TD 6.

Bloons TD 6 Spawning Rules

Before we get started on team comps, lets go over a few basic but important rules:

Camo Bloons will appear starting with round 24 and are immune to all non-environmental or area of effect damage unless a sight mechanic or Ninja Monkeys are deployed.

Purple Bloons will appear starting with round 25 and are immune to energy (lasers, magic, etc.), fire, and plasma.

Lead Bloons will appear starting with round 28 and are immune to sharp damage.

Ceramic Bloons will appear starting with round 38 and are immune to the slow effects from glue.

Massive Ornery Air Bloons (MOABs) will appear starting with round 40. Has high HP and carries a variety of Bloons.

Brutal Floating Behemoths will appear starting with round 60. Has very high HP and carries four MOABs inside.

Zeppelins of Mighty Gargantuaness will appear starting with round 80. Has extremely high HP and carries 4 BFB.s inside.

Dark Dirigible Titans will appear starting with round 90 and has the properties of Lead, Black, Pink, and Camo Bloons making it immune to Sharp and Explosive damage. It also moves extremely fast and requires sight mechanics to detect. These Titans carry four Ceramic Bloons inside which have the Camo and Regrowth properties.

Big Airships of Doom are the strongest Bloons in the game. They appear starting with round 100 have insanely high HP and contain two Fortified ZOMGs and three Fortified DDTs. It is immune to all slow, stun, and knockback effects and cannot be affected by most special abilities (Monkey Pirates / Pirate Lord, Pat Fusty effects, traps, etc.)

Essentially, the goal is to build your Monkeys and Heroes as strongly as possible while meeting certain checkpoints along the way. You should have an answer to Camo Bloons by round 24, to Lead Bloons by round 28, and so on. Now, let’s get to some strategies!

Team Comps and Strategies – Bloons TD 6 Tips

Ninjas and Alchemists: This strategy covers your early-game bases with only two units. Ninja Monkeys can innately target Camo Bloons Alchemists that are leveling the top path (4/0/2) can inject Ninjas with Acidic Mixture, allowing them to also pop Lead Bloons! Dropping two or three Ninjas (4/2/0 or 4/0/2) in good choke points on the map alongside one Alchemist and your Hero lets you clear pretty much any Easy stage and some Medium stages. If you choose to go further, you will need to support these units.SSuper Monkeys are great cash dumps, along with Bomb Shooters!

6 Poplust Druids: These Monkeys essentially feed off of each other, hurling swarms of wooden spikes or lightning at their targets. Nothing complicated going on here. Place six druids near each other and level them along the third path (x-x-4). Your secondary path is personal choice: do you want more popping power? Go 2-0-4. Do you want MOAB-class destruction? Go 0-2-4. Your Rank 5 Druid should go 0-2-5, however.

This strategy is fantastic for later stages, but like all strategies, will require Super Monkeys, Monkey Village support, and additional damage sources.

Seven Seas: This strategy requires water. Buccaneers that go 1-2-0 can solo the first 20 waves with little to no support. This allows you to build one of two ways. You can start building Banana Farms and place down a Ninja down to cover your Camo weakness or you can build 0-2-4 Buccaneers to take care of the Camo weakness. Make sure you have the water space to support building additional Buccaneers, however!

That’s A Capitalism: Banana Farms that turn into Monkey Banks (2-4-0) with IMF loans can really push your team further than ever in short bursts…as long as you’re willing to go into Debt for zero effective long-term gain (unless you are investing into more Monkey Banks).

There’s a lesson here, somewhere, I’m pretty sure.

IMF loans grant you 10,000 Monkey Cash but put you 10,000 in debt. All further revenue sources are cut by 50% so that you can pay back your Debt. This includes popping Bloons, supply drops, cash generated by powers, buccaneers leveling through the bottom path, Banana Farm Cash generation, etc.

The plan is to invest this bonus cash into more Monkey Banks, so that you can continue to generate IMF loans and further your gains. Note that all subsequent IMF loans after the first will only grant 5,000 cash per debt, since half of the 10,000 is going to pay back your first loan. You cannot take out an IMF loan from a bank until your previous one is paid off, but you can use multiple different IMF loans in succession.

It is recommended that you get the Backroom Deals Monkey Knowledge, which will change your pay-off rate from 50% to 40%, and increases your IMF loan size from 10,000 to 12,000.

Perma-Spikes: Spike Factories are fantastic late-game supporters. Spike Factories that go 0-2-5? You might as well put auto on and go take a bath or something. Perma-Spikes will almost never fade away, no matter how many Bloons run over them. If you’re looking for a third or fourth Rank 5 Monkey to add to your arsenal, look no further!

There are plenty of other strategies however, and half the fun of Bloons TD 6 is coming up with your own unique combinations to conquer harder challenges. What’s your favorite combo? Do you have a cool trick to share? Let us know down below!