BitLife Mafia Guide – How to Join and Become the Godfather

Or how to be a rat.

Can’t figure out how to start up a lucrative life of crime in BitLife? Commit enough petty thefts or bank robberies and you might just get invited to join the family – the Mafia family, that is. While joining the Mafia has its pros and cons, if you can navigate the tricky hierarchy of power and avoid getting caught, snitched on, or exposed as a rat, you can turn this dangerous career path into a very, very valuable one. Here’s how you can start your Mafia career in BitLife.

Joining the Mafia isn’t necessarily guaranteed, even if you meet all the requirements. The most common way to join is to commit at least five crimes in one life – then, usually, a Mafia will accept your character after doing some odd jobs for them. You can also be approached, rarely, by a Mafia crime member to join prior to hitting this five crime threshold. There are six Mafia syndicates that you can join, depending on your BitLife character backgrounds – Mafia, Irish Mob, Latin Mafia, Russian Mafia, Triads, and Yakuza.

Once you’ve joined a Mafia Syndicate, you are “employed” by them and can commit crimes as part of your job. Extortion, Grand Theft Auto, Burglary, and more will generate additional income for your family – if you choose to give them the full amount. Doing so raises your standings in the family, and doing this for long enough without going to jail or turning into a Rat can promote you to more wealthier options.

Ranking up in the Mafia involves doing a lot of crimes and earning trust – you can advance from your entry level Associate position all the way up to the highest rank, which is Godfather. As a Godfather, you no longer need to contribute to the family, and can instead reap the rewards. Furthermore, you can hunt Rats without fear of reprisal.

Once you are in a Mafia, you can choose to either hunt Rats in the family, or become one yourself. The trick to recognizing who is a Rat and who isn’t, is to see if they are smiling, as anyone smiling can be a Rat. If you can identify the Rat, you’ll gain some notoriety in the Family, but if you guess wrong, the Mafia will attack you.

Should you choose to become a Rat, you can gather evidence against the Mafia for a period of up to five years – but you must also not get arrested for any reason. You can get exposed by Mafia members and either try to kill them or lie your way out, but if lying fails, they will kill you.
Collecting all evidence allows you to leave the Mafia with no jail-time, regardless of what crimes you’ve committed.

That’s about everything that covers the Mafia career track in BitLife. Do crimes, don’t get caught, contribute to the family (or try to take it down from within), and avoid getting killed. What are your thoughts on the life of crime? Let us know!