Battlefront 2 Rey Guide – How to Unlock the Resilient Skin

The final update for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is live and it’s introducing one more big batch of new content for players to enjoy. Along with bringing back the Scarif map from the original Battlefront, DICE has also included  few ner hero skins. One of these is Rey’s Resilient skin which is locked behind a Milestone titled “It Calls To You,” you will need to complete a series of puzzles in-game during a single match on Takodana. This is a fairly easy skin to unlock since it doesn’t require any shooting or killing of any kind. Additionally, this can only be completed in multiplayer or Co-op not Instant Action.

(Author’s Note:  A huge shoutout to the Battlefront 2 community for coming together and solving this puzzle! The credit for unlocking this skin goes entirely to them.)

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How to Unlock the Resilient Skin

To complete this skin, you will want to be on the Resistance side on the Takaodana map. Even though this can be done as the First Order, it’s much easier to complete if you’re a Resistance member. When the match starts, head towards Maz’s castle and run down the outer left wall along the shore. You will see some writing in the back that translates to “The pirate is hiding something.” It’s not necessary to read the writing on the wall, but it’s a cool little easter egg for fans of the Clone Wars.

Now head inside Maz’s castle and go up to the second floor. The room you need to enter is the first door on the left in a long hallway. You can access the second floor by either the central staircase in the back of the main cantina or the brewing room on the left via the catwalks.

Once inside, face the painting and blast it with whatever weapon you are holding. Shooting the portrait will drop a coin which you will need to take to the Slave I.

From exiting Maz’s castle, this ship is on your left and is pretty close to your location. Just look for the grounded starship that has a large camp set up around it. When you reach Boba Fett’s ship, you’ll see three circular devices you can interact with on the right. Turn each one on in this order:

  • Left
  • Right
  • Middle

You’ll know you’ve done this correctly because the lights on the poles in front of you will begin to flash between blue and red. Now run all the way back to Maz’s castle and head up onto the ramparts. Here comes the trickiest part of this entire quest. You will need to stand on the 501st Flag (see image below) that’s hanging on the left side in the central area and interact with it. Take your time and position yourself carefully over the flag before shuffling off the edge onto the banner. Once you interact with it, jump down, head out the entrance, and take a right towards the basement door.

Run down the staircase and the door that’s normally locked right in front of you will be available. Interact with it and then head inside. You can now examine all of the treasures in Maz’s castle and have just unlocked the Resilient skin for Rey! See, that wasn’t so bad. We recommend doing this in Co-op since it’s much easier to complete the steps without being harassed by players. Just make sure to be fast, since you can be forced out of Maz’s castle via the objective moving. Thankfully, once you know where to go all of these steps are quite easy to accomplish so you shouldn’t have any issues.

Now get out there and make the First Order cower in fear of your puzzle-solving abilities!