Battlefield 2042 Specialists Guide – How to Unlock Every Specialist

Battlefield 2042 is finally here and it’s time to bring the explosive action this franchise has long defined. Set in the not-so-distant future, players can battle it out across massive maps battered by superstorms. But all of that is set dressing β€” what really matters is the intense squad-based multiplayer experience draped in absolute chaos.

Taking inspiration from games like Rainbow Six Siege and Apex Legends, Battlefield 2042 now features ten different characters, each of which possesses unique abilities. Dubbed “Specialists,” these soldiers add a new dimension to combat, allowing players to hack vehicles, set up cover, heal from a distance, or soar through the air with a grappling hook. Unfortunately, not every Specialist is available right away, so here’s how you unlock every character in the game.

How to Unlock Mckay and Paik

In order to unlock Mckay, you need to reach Level 15. Unlocking Paik requires you to hit Level 25.

There are no additional challenges or requirements to obtain these characters, so simply focus on gaining as much experience as possible. This can be done in virtually any mode in the game across its three major sections: All-Out War, Hazard Zone, and Portal. Of the three, I’ve found the Breakthrough mode is one of the best methods for gaining a lot of experience. This is due to the mode’s design, for players will be funneled into specific areas to fight instead of wandering around the large Conquest maps.

I also recommend playing as Falck, as she can gain a ton of experience by just reviving and healing teammates. Sure, it’s not always the most exciting way to play, but it’s a nice method to supplement your XP gains between killing enemies. If you don’t want to use Falck, consider at least using an Ammo Crate or Medical Crate. You can throw these down near your allies so they can heal or resupply, netting you additional experience.

Another good option is playing as Casper and just using his drone the entire time. In a Breakthrough match, you can often fly this drone around the enemy defends or attackers, marking them for your allies. This makes it so you gain experience anytime someone skills a marked target. You may just be sitting in your drone, but you’re still more useful than the person trying to snipe from 400 meters away and failing.

For the unfamiliar, Mckay is the mobility character in Battlefield 2042. He comes equipped with a grappling hook that allows him to rapidly traverse across the map or reach higher ground in seconds. Mckay is a terrific flanking character, capable of getting into unexpected positions or ambushing enemies who are trying to hold a building. He also moves faster when aiming, which is a nice bonus that can help you win firefights against foes.

As for Paik, she’s all about knowing where her opponents are. Her ability allows her to briefly see enemies through walls via electronic pulses that fire off every few seconds. This allows users to quickly know where enemies are hiding, so long as they’re within a few meters of her. Paik will also highlight any enemy that does damage to her, which is terrific for taking down enemies who like to hide in shrubs or cover.

And that’s it! If you’re looking to obtain these characters, all you really need to do is just play the game. Eventually, you will unlock and get to use them whenever you want.