Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Leofrith Boss Guide – Kill or Spare Leofrith?

Leofrith is an elite servant of the opposing King Burgred, a battle-hardened warrior ready to go toe-to-toe with Eivor. In one part of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you’ll have to face off against Leofrith in a climactic boss fight, and the soldier can be a real tough opponent if you’re not properly prepared for him. In this guide we’ll help you do so and then explain what happens if you kill or spare him.

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How to Defeat Leofrith – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Boss Guide

First thing’s first, gather all the surrounding plants and rations on the Isle of Waifs before heading into the small arena surrounded by wooden stakes. This fight against Leofrith is tough, so you’ll want all the rations you can possibly carry for this boss battle.

In the first phase of the Leofrith fight, you want to go on the defensive. The first stage of the fight is all about parrying Leofrith’s attacks, which isn’t as complicated as I’ve admittedly made it sound. Leofrith is a lot quicker than he looks, but all his attacks have a glowing orange symbol telegraphing his strikes. All you need to do is tap the button to use your shield during these attacks, and you’ll parry his strike, reducing Leofrith’s overall stamina bar above his health bar.

Watch out though, because even in this debut phase, Leofrith still has a few tricks up his sleeve. There’s a huge glowing red attack that the elite soldier can pull off, which Eivor’s shield is unable to parry, so it’s best to repeatedly dodge backward to avoid this strike or it will take a big chunk of your health.

Alternatively, Leofrith can take a stance where a blue symbol appears above his head. This is Leofrith trying to lure you into striking him, but it’s important that you stay well away from him during this section, as he’ll immediately attack you if you run in and hit him. Back away from Leofrith, and hit him with a few strikes from your bow to bait him back into his regular attacks. If you have a light bow, we’d recommend equipping it for the purpose of hitting Leofrith quickly.

Leofrith Phase Two – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Boss Guide

The tempo really amps up during the second phase of the fight against Leofrith. His attacks get quicker, deadlier, and he’s a hell of a lot harder to hit. There’s also no point staying on the defensive during this phase because Leofrith’s stamina bar is entirely gone.

Instead you need to go on the attack. Get ready to strike Leofrith as soon as you’ve parried one of his attacks. Chances are he’ll be able to dodge your strike, but you can get a clean hit in if you’re quick enough, before he jumps back a few paces to safety.

If you’ve got a particularly strong ranged ability, you should get ready to use it. When Leofrith takes up the defensive stance with the blue symbol above his head, use your ranged ability. We found the Harpoon Impalement ability to be particularly strong for this phase, since you can sprint in and get a few extra hits on Leofrith once he’s knocked to the ground.

You should use a heavy-hitting combat ability whenever you generate an Adrenaline Point during the second phase of this fight. Make sure to parry Leofrith’s attacks, stay well away from his blue phase, and you’ll see this fight with the elite soldier through just fine.

Kill or Spare Leofrith – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Boss Guide

After the fight though, there’s a decision to make. Odin, the big man himself, appears next to Eivor, and instructs them that you need to either spare Leofrith, or send him on his merry way to Valhalla.

Should you kill Leofrith, you’ll give him the glorious death that every viking warrior longs for. We’d advise you spare Leofrith however, and reveal to him that King Burgred had abandoned both him and his people to sail to Rome. Leofrith is incredibly grateful for this information, and reveals to you that Zealots of the Order of the Ancients have a scroll with Eivor’s name written on it.

This kicks off the Hunted quest for Eivor to undertake. If you make it to Venonis in the south of Ledecestrescire, and simply burn the scroll with Eivor’s name written on it, you’ll no longer be hunted by Zealots on sight. Although the Zealots are elite warriors, that you’ll want to kill at some point if you aim to take down the Order of the Ancients, they won’t engage you in combat.