Where to Find Apparel Cache Keys & Fragments in Division 2

You should get your first apparel cache in The Division 2 pretty quickly. These loot boxes might be familiar to anyone that’s played a multiplayer game in the last five years. Just to be clear, though, apparel caches are exactly what they sound like: virtual buckets of random cosmetics. You pop them open to get a nice piece of (purely aesthetic) gear. But where do you find such treasures and, perhaps more importantly, how do you open apparel caches in the first place?

We’ve got you covered. Our guide to apparel caches and their keys for The Division 2 will walk you through all the steps. So let’s take a look!

The Division 2 Apparel Cache Keys

The most important thing to know is that apparel caches don’t actually appear anywhere tangible in The Division 2. Despite the misleading name, they only exist as a menu option in the cosmetics window of your menu. Mosey on over there and select the second tab from the right — the one that looks like a little loot box.

This is an apparel cache. Although you can’t just open one at your leisure. The Division 2, like most other ongoing games, has a special form of currency you can use to pop the crate instead. You ought to see two options for this: one that says “apparel cache key – specialized” and one that says “apparel cache key – superior.”

If the numbers and colors weren’t a clue, these two options open two different rarities of loot boxes. The purple choice will give you a guaranteed “superior” quality cosmetic. Whereas the “specialized” option drops a guaranteed item of lesser quality. Both apparel cache keys should get you better gear than the stuff you usually find strewn about the world of The Division 2, though.

Naturally you can spend real-world dollars to purchase cosmetics. You just need to convert them into the real-money currency, called Premium Credits, first. These roughly equate to one U.S. penny per credit. However, there is currently no option to buy apparel caches with Premium Credits. You can only use Premium Credits to purchase specific cosmetics from the store individually. And some of them can get awfully pricey. A simple pair of sunglasses, for instance, might go for 350 Premium Credits in The Division 2 — or about $3.50.

The Division 2 Apparel Cache Key

The Division 2 Apparel Cache Key Fragments

But there are some alternative, less expensive options. The Division 2 doles out free cache keys during scripted events. The only one we’ve found so far, however, is the East Mall mission where you support Agent Brooks and recover some lost SHD tech. On top of that, the description for specialized apparel caches says that you should be able to craft more out of key fragments.

This sounds quite a lot like the cypher key fragments from the first game. Back then, you could farm key fragments from certain high-level missions. Once you had 10, you could make a key and open up an apparel cache without needing to pay a dime. Although it was quite a chore.

Apparel Cache key fragments (or Cypher Key Fragments) are a bit simpler to obtain in The Division 2. You get them by “leveling up” past the base level cap of 30. Whenever you do, you unlock a special loot box called a Field Proficiency Cache. These work almost identical to the ones in the first game. Except they’re not tied to DLC like in The Division. Just hit level 30 and then keep playing however you like! Although we recommend farming Dark Zone landmarks. These activities net you tons of XP and should help you level up faster than anything else.

Each Field Proficiency Cache comes with a couple of pieces of loot, along with between 14 and 23 key fragments. You need 100 such fragments to open up a specialized Apparel Cache. Meanwhile, superior caches require a whopping 250 key fragments to open. So… better get farming!

And that’s all the info you need on how to acquire Apparel Cache keys in The Division 2. Take care and have fun!