Apex Legends Tier List Guide – Best Legends to Use in Season 14 (October 2022)

Predators and Prey.

Apex Legends Season 14 is over halfway done! This season not only introduced the new legend Vantage, but also made some major changes to the King’s Fall map and big alterations to the weapon meta.  Since the meta has shifted pretty dramatically, it’s time to look at all the characters and see where they fit in our tier list.

When evaluating each legend, we looked at their adaptability, general abilities, how they synergize with other legends, and what they bring to a game. You can climb the Ranked ladder with anyone if you’re skilled enough — just know you’ll have an easier time with some than others. Just because your favorite legend isn’t at the top doesn’t mean you should stop using them! We’re simply evaluating them as they currently stand in the Season 14 meta, as well as their performance in Ranked matches. I won’t be heavily considering high-level competitive play, as that’s an entirely different beast.

S Tier

Apex Legends Unlock Seer


Seer is once again a meta-defining powerhouse that has clawed his way back into both the pro and casual scene. While his scans aren’t as easy to perform as Bloodhounds, Seer is still very strong in his own right – especially in Ranked mode where players are typically hiding or fighting from buildings. His passive gives constant wall hacks, allowing a team to always know if someone is hiding nearby or looking to ambush your team. As for his Tactical, it may take a bit of time really get used to its delayed trigger since someone can move out of the way before the scan activates. But, once you understand both when and how to use Seer’s micro-drones, it’s one of the strongest abilities in the whole game.

The best part of Seer’s kit is his ultimate, which provides real-time information for a large radius. However, his heart chamber can be destroyed nullifying this ultimate and can be seen for miles, making you a prime target for other teams. That being said, Seer’s kit is still exceptionally potent – especially once you get good at hitting enemies with your Tactical. There’s a reason he’s seen a huge spike in popularity following the most recent ALGs.


Valkyrie’s kit is all about repositioning and seeking out advantageous angles. Capable of redeploying her entire team in seconds, she is a very dangerous legend if you take the time to master her. Unlike most other legends, Valkyrie is capable of quickly rotating to take the high ground during a fight without worrying about a long cooldown. Yes, the hover does require fuel, but a skilled player can easily manage this so long as they aren’t spamming the jump button. Valkyrie’s Tactical allows her to stun enemies, slowing and damaging anything caught in the blast radius.

But her most powerful skill is her Ultimate. With the tap of a button, Valkryie becomes her own jump tower, able to redeploy her squad. Using this to escape tricky fights, quickly rotate into the circle, or just move to higher ground is critical. Plus, whenever she flies over someone, they are highlighted for your entire team, giving them real-time info. Despite getting a pretty substancial nerf, Valkyrie is still extremely strong — you just can’t spam her jetpack as much.

Apex Legends Unlock Newcastle


The latest legend, Newcastle is a defensive character that revolves around reviving his teammates and fortifying positions. His passive Revive the Wounded, allows him to move a downed teammate while reviving them. If that wasn’t already strong, he provides a shield that blocks incoming projectiles, allowing you to safely move someone into cover during a fight. It’s remarkably potent on its own, but combining it with a gold backpack makes Newcastle quite a formidable preseance. His Tactical is Mobile Shield, which is a small barrier that he throws out in front of him. This shield can be rotated and moved around the battlefield. It’s great for pushing towards opponents, adding an extra layer of protection when reviving, or just covering your team’s flank during a fight.

Finally, there’s his ultimate, Castle Wall. When deployed, Newcastle rockets forward and sets up a large barricade either where he marked or on any ally he’s locked onto. Great for saving your allies or just setting up a defensive position in an area lacking cover, Castle Wall is terrific since Newcastle can deploy up to about 70 meters away. The only downside to this legend is none of his barriers with protect you from Gibraltar’s ultimate, which is something to consider if you plan on trying him in Ranked.


You just can’t put Gibraltar down. Since the game’s release, this hero has been hit with both buffs and nerfs in an attempt to balance him. Despite having back-to-back nerfs to his abilities, Gibraltar is still one of the best and most difficult heroes to go up against in a one-on-one. This big boy can soak a lot of damage, especially if you aren’t landing consistent headshots. His Dome Shield offers protection from all incoming damage sources and allows Gibraltar to pick up downed teammates faster. Players can even use healing items faster when in the shield, making it perfect for recovering during a fight.

Gibraltar’s ultimate has high damage potential but is mainly used to either cut off an enemy advancement or force them out into the open. This gentle giant is still one of the best “anchor” characters in Apex Legends, giving your squad a place to fall back to if their push fails. Plus, dueling a Gibraltar when they have perfected the art of “bubble dancing” is one of the most terrifying things in the game.

A Tier


Bloodhound has always been a strong pick, even before they got a few buffs to Eye of the Allfather and Beast of the Hunt. A recon legend, this hunter is great at locating on the move and quickly evaluating threats before or during engagements. The sheer range of Eye of the Allfather is pretty wild, as it can encompass nearly an entire Point of Interest with one activation. It’s a solid ability that got a whopping 10 seconds off its cooldown, allowing Bloodhound users to be a bit more liberal with their scans.

Beast of the Hunt is one the scariest ultimates in the game, as it’s nearly impossible to escape. Once triggered, not only does Bloodhound see your previous movements in bright red, but they also get multiple activations of Eye of the Allfather. Plus, any kill extends the time limit of Beast of the Hunt, making it even tougher to outrun or outmaneuver in battle. If you want to play a Recon character other than Seer during Season 14, you cannot go wrong with Bloodhound.

Apex Legends Crossplay


Everyone’s favorite “tryhard” legend, Wraith has been popular with professional players, streamers, and competitive individuals since the game released. Boasting one of the smallest hitboxes in the game, Wraith can be difficult to pin down in a hectic battle. Despite a complete rework to parts of her kit, Into the Void is still a great way to disengage from losing fights, giving you a chance to heal up before returning to battle. It’s also supremely useful when switching between covers or cheekily rotating in the damage circle to sneak up behind people.

Dimensional Rift is just another solid team mobility skill that lets you take risky fights or retreat if a firefight isn’t going your way. Her Voices from the Void also acts as a nice intelligence-gathering method, even if it is a little limited. But what shot her back up to the S Tier slot was the removal of the Low Profile damage debuff. She now takes the same amount of punishment as almost every legend, upping her survivability in combat and making her a difficult legend to slay in the right hands.



After absolutely dominating the casual and competitive scene in Season 7, Horizon has been rebalanced a few times to make her less oppressive. Boasting a solid repositioning ability and ultimate, her overall kit offers players a lot of versatility. A clever Horizon can use her Tactical to not only evade danger but also reposition her team, heal, and even trap enemies in door frames. Horizon’s passive of ignoring staggering when falling from great heights is terrific for getting the drop on someone or quickly escaping.

Additionally, Horizon’s ultimate is great, especially when combined with other legend abilities. Ripping players from cover or simply zoning them is terrific for starting or escaping from chaotic fights. Plus, if you get good at lobbing grenades, you can knock an enemy trapped in the vortex before they have a chance to escape. Though Horizon isn’t utterly broken anymore (which is a good thing), players can still make some big plays and climb the ranked ladder.

Apex Legends


God I am so tired of seeing and dying to this character.

This legend revolves around area denial and obstructing an enemy’s ability to effectively push onto your team’s position. With Caustic’s gas no longer slowing or blinding teammates, he is far more terrifying since he can liberally use his containers to flood an entire location with gas. But it’s more than just a way to damage opponents — the gas can obscure Caustic, allowing him to pick up teammates or just block entrances.

This legend is an utter nightmare to fight in the end circle, and his ability to lock down entire areas of the map is unrivaled. While he lacks mobility, Caustic is an incredibly dangerous foe who can slow down enemy pushes or outright turn the tables. Yes you can destroy his barrels, but they take 150 damage to break if they’re triggered. It doesn’t help that the only hard counter to Caustic is, well, Caustic.

Apex Legends Octane Guide TipsApex Legends Octane Guide Tips


Following his Launch Pad changes, this high-flying legend has become one of the best mobility characters in the game. Having multiple ways to interact with the Launch Pad makes rotating to new locations, out of fights, or onto the high ground easier than ever. This ultimate’s very low cooldown usually ensures that teams will have an escape option from chaotic encounters. While you’re still exposed, it’s harder to determine a person’s specific trajectory thanks to these changes. Yes, you can hear the Launch Pad being used a mile out, but unless you’re trying to ambush a team, that’s not a huge problem.

As for his Tactical, Octane’s Stim still lets him rundown any escaping foe or evade incoming fire. That speed boost is no joke and can be tricky to fight against when a player knows how to strafe while stimming. Despite the simplicity of Octane’s abilities, he is a terribly tricky character to bring down when someone knows how to use him. Just make sure to not charge straight into battle without support — it rarely works out the way you hope.

B Tier

Apex Legends Vantage Tips


The latest legend, Vantage is already making a name for herself thanks to this sharpshooter’s mobility and Ultimate. Starting with her passive, Vantage can relay a variety of information to her team whenever she aims at a foe. This not only includes what legend they are but how many are left in their squad and what EVO Shields they have on. This allows her to quickly assess whether a squad is easy prey or if someone is off on their own. As for Vantage’s Tactical, this allows her to quickly launch towards her bat Echo. While she is vulnerable during the activation, it still offers her terrific repositioning potential.

But where she really shines is when you break out her custom sniper rifle. Acting as her Ultimate, Vantage will gain a bullet every 40 seconds up to a total of five rounds. Not only do these do a high amount of damage, but any enemy hit by her rifle takes increased damage from your team. It’s extremely strong in the early stages of a match, as she can swiftly take an enemy down with just a couple of rounds.

Apex Legends Unlock Ash


Despite having a mediocre pick rate, Ash is still a very potent legend. She is a solid engagement character, capable of quickly capitalizing on hurt or unaware enemies. Marked for Death allows an Ash player to know where teams are, making it easy to either get into an isolated fight or avoid a particularly problematic location. Arc Snare is a solid Tactical that not only zones enemies trying to chase you, but can also lock down problematic mobility legends like Valkyrie or Octane. However, it’s her ultimate that really makes Ash shine. Phase Breach is a one-way portal that almost instanteously transports you and anyone who goes into it. It’s such a solid ultimate that gives you terrific repositioning or the ability to secure an angle during a fight. Ash is an incredible legend who can easily slot into almost any team composition, regardless of what rank you are playing.

apex legends revenant choke


Previously a legend who struggled to stay viable in general play, the recent changes to Revenant’s passive and hitbox have skyrocketed his popularity. He can hold two charges of Silence (which impacts way more legend abilities now) and his Death Totem allows for aggressive pushes. This makes him one of the most devastating aggressive characters in Apex Legends. Capable of shutting down a legend from doing anything, Revenant is perfect for isolating targets.

His Death Totem is still quite useful, as it allows you to make riskier and more strategic plays. Even though the visual alert can be seen for miles, a smart team can still use his Ultimate to overrun a group of foes. Did I also mention he can climb higher and crouch walks faster than any other character in the game? Yeah, Revenant is very good right now. His only problem is the current meta lacks a spot for him due to his lack of mobility and the nerf to his Death Totem.

Mad Maggie

Mad Maggie is a supremely aggressive legend who focuses mainly on disruption and close-quaters combat. Her Riot Drill can easily force enemies out of cover or potentially kill them while healing. It’s a strong tool when used properly, as it constantly pressures enemies trying to disengage. Maggie’s ultimate is also a remarkably strong tool for either escaping, closing the gap, or causing absolute chaos. Throwing that Wrecking Ball in a small room is both entertaining and remarkably potent.

Where Maggie struggles is that there are simply superior options available to players. Maggie is great and is perfect for harassing defensive legends or teams who like to camp in buildings, however, most squads would rather run a Newcastle, Seer, or Valkyrie. This doesn’t make her bad, as she can be exceptionally strong in the right hands. Just there are other options that most teams would prefer to run, especially in the lower and middle ranks.

apex legends crypto


As a Crypto main, I do have a bit of bias when it comes to evaluating this legend, but he has become far more useful following the latest buff. Now Crypto’s drone can be depoyed without going into it. We did it, lads! We finally got our buff! This gives you far more utility throughout matches, allowing players to be far more aggressive when pushing enemies. Being able to just deploy the drone and trigger your EMP can change an entire fight, especially at higher ranks when bringing down a Gibraltar bubble is key.

Speaking of the EMP: it’s still one of the best ultimates in the game when used correctly. Not only does it do 50 shield damage to all foes inside the radius, but it also slows them down, which gives you enough time to secure an easy kill. Combine this with the ability to throw your drone and you can now use the EMP with virtually no delay; it’s terrific. The only problem is that Bloodhound’s scans are simply more effecient, which is key during a fight.


Apex Legends’ weapons expert, Bangalore is a legend who works best when a team builds around her. This is mainly because her Tactical Ability can blind both enemies and her teammates. Sure, this is great for pushing teams or escaping, but it can also hamper your squad if used incorrectly. Bangalore’s passive gives her a nice speed boost when being shot at, and her ultimate is great for displacing enemies or forcing them from cover. Everything about Bangalore is generally solid, but there’s nothing exceptional about her kit. She is very middle-of-the-road for most players but can be utterly devastating in the right hands. While she won’t see as much play as the legends above, anyone who takes the time to master her kit will be a force of nature.


Apex Legends’ friendly neighborhood robot, Pathfinder has been on the receiving end of a few nerfs lately. In an attempt to make this legend’s sheer mobility less oppressive, Respawn Entertainment has taken every opportunity to tone him down. While this has knocked him out of competitive play, he is still a good choice for Ranked or general Apex Legends matches. Yes, you can’t go crazy with the grapple hook anymore, but that doesn’t make it a useless ability. A smart player knows when to utilize this tool to get onto the high ground, chase down a target, or use it to retreat and heal.

His ultimate is also still great for rotating your entire team to more advantageous positions or out of a fight. Plus, being able to permanently reduce the cooldown of his Zipline Gun via utilizing his passive is just icing on the cake. Pathfinder is still more than a viable pick so long as you understand that you have to be smarter with the Grappling Hook.


Oh boy, Fuse. A legend who can be an absolute nuisance to deal with, this explosives expert is the king of harassment. With his area denial skills increased thanks to the doubled Knuckle Cluster duration, Fuse can quickly stop pushes or zone enemies with ease. His ultimate also got a buff, highlighting all enemies trapped inside the flames for his entire team. This makes isolated targets easier to take down, even if they’re in a building. Fuse is a terrifyingly good harassment legend who can constantly prod and batter players trying to hide behind cover. While he lacks mobility options, Fuse is a great option for those who like to control the flow of battle or force people out of cover. He is also quite potent during the last few rings, where cover is scarce.

C Tier

Apex Legends Crafting Materials


Rampart is one of the most intriguing characters in Apex Legends, as her kit is a mix of defensive and offensive tools. Her Amped Cover is extremely difficult to get rid of once deployed, making it perfect for holding down a position or protecting someone who is healing. However, Amped Cover has a long cast time and is vulnerable while being deployed. Thankfully, it now needs to take 45 damage to explode and have a faster deploy time. However, Rampart still lacks any meta-defining abilities, escape options, or extremely strong area denial.

Additionally, her minigun is capable of dealing a ton of damage if you can land your shots or keep someone pinned behind cover. But the minigun can be a bit awkward to use since many legends are extremely mobile. This allows them to duck behind cover before they’re knocked down or killed by Rampart’s ultimate. That being said, the spin-up time reduction makes Shelia quite strong when used properly or even if you need to swap to it. I don’t think Rampart is a bad character, she is just one that isn’t always needed on a team.

Apex Legends Wattson Guide Tips


Boasting some of the best arena denial skills in the entire game, Wattson’s fence pylons can turn any indoor or confined location into an electric fortress. Not only do they slow down enemies that pass through, but you’ll also be pinged when they are triggered. Great as an early warning system or deterrent for opponents, Wattson is the master at dictating the flow of combat. These fences are perfect for securing locations or forcing enemies down a specific path. The problem is that Wattson is a static character in a game all about mobility. Even with the changes to her abilities, there are simply better options if you want to play defensively.

Apex Legends Loba Abilities Tips


Loba is a great character on paper, but she hasn’t been terribly useful in most matches. Her passive ability makes her good for quickly looting, but it doesn’t really synergize with any other legends or her own abilities. The Black Market Boutique ultimate is cool even though you’re only limited to two items per person and it can be used by enemies when left alone. Where I really enjoy Loba is in long wars of attrition near the end of a game — being able to snatch up any loot while my team is hunkered down somewhere is great.

Her bracelet is also a solid Tactical that suffers from a comically long cooldown. A great movement option, this Jump Drive lets her quickly reposition herself to gain an advantage in a fight. The Jump Drive also has a long cast time and is easy to predict and counter if you’re watching Loba.

D Tier


Mirage is one of the most selfish legends in the game right now, which is honestly pretty fitting. Even though a clever Mirage can absolutely outsmart an enemy team with his clones, he doesn’t offer a lot to his squadmates. Unlike a lot of top-tier legends, he doesn’t bring enough to a squad to justify picking him over Gibraltar, Bloodhound, or Wraith. But god, is he so much fun to play in public matches. I don’t mind Mirage in most scenarios since he can be a riot thanks to his Tactical and Ultimate abilities. Even being able to revive teammates while going invisible is a terrific passive. Unfortunately, it’s just not enough to justify moving him higher up the list.


Lifeline has finally gotten a buff and it’s fine. Even though we haven’t seen the return of the ressurection shield, the buffs to D.O.C. are still quite nice. Having an infinite health pool makes the drone feel far less clunky and the doubled range is perfect when your team is fighting in cover. I’m also a big fan of the cooldown reduction to her ultimate, making it far more practical in the early to mid-game. That being said, I feel like I’d still rather have a Newcastle in most fights. While Lifeline’s healing options are great, her gear allows for less definitive plays that can close a fight out. Yes, there are certainly excepotions to this, but overall I find her kit still lacking when compared to other legends like Newcastle and even Gibraltar.