Apex Legends Broken Moon Map – Zip Rails, POIs, & More

Season 15 of Apex Legends is right around the corner and it’s introducing a ton of new content. Along with the legend Catalyst, players will also get to try out new features such as Stickers and Gifting. However, the biggest addition is Apex Legends’ fifth map, Broken Moon. Set on the moon of Cleo, this floating rock was struck by a meteor in 2708 when Seer was born and is now the newest home of the Apex Games. Boasting 16 points of interest (POIs), Broken Moon introduces a few new gameplay elements along with some changes to help alleviate some gameplay frustrations. Here’s everything you need to know about Apex Legends‘ Broken Moon map coming in Season 15:

Apex Legends Broken Moon

Zip Rails

Perhaps the most notable addition to Broken Moon is the new zip rail traversal system. Scattered throughout the map, zip rails are predetermined paths that players can latch onto and ride to get from one area to another. However, unlike zip lines, you won’t be going in a straight direction, as zip rails curve, bend, and twist around the environment. This makes it difficult to kill an enemy riding them, as they will gain significantly more momentum and speed. Keep in mind, this momentum carries so if clever players can use zip rails to propel themselves in certain directions or use it to avoid incoming damage.

Keep in mind, you still suffer an accuracy penalty when riding them so don’t expect to instantly laser a foe while riding past them. One unclear thing is if some of the more technical movements such as “super jumping” is capable on these rails. While you will maintain your momentum and inertia, it’s unclear if players will be able to perform the same flashy tricks they can on regular zip lines.

Apex Legends Broken Moon

Points of Interest

There are 16 points of interest on Broken Moon, each of which has its own distinct design and gameplay challenges that players will need to master. When designing this map, Respawn explained that they wanted the theme to be “heavan and hell.” Meaning, that the eastern portion of the map represents hell due to all the craters, barren landscape, and industrial design of the POIs. Inversely, the western half is heaven, which boasts a lot of foliage, bright colors, and living spaces for those working on the moon similar to Olympus. Additionally, players will be able to see a lot of inspiration from African cultures and art inside the various buildings.

The map is roughly the size of World’s Edge and was designed with the idea that multiple squads try to land at the same POIs. To combat the issue of too many players fighting over a small amount of loot, many of the POIs on Broken Moon is much larger. This means that multiple squads should be able to land at these POIs and gather a solid amount of gear before deciding whether or not to engage. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the Ranked game mode, where teams often like fighting at the beginning of matches before setting up for the last few rings.

You can check out a full list of all the new 16 POIs on Respawn’s blog post about Broken Moon.

Apex Legends Broken Moon

Jump Tower

Similar to Storm Point, there is only one Jump Tower available on Broken Moon. Located at the Eternal Gardens POI, this is a massive Jump Tower that sits above a field of flowers and trenches. Unlike other Jump Towers, the one at Eternal Gardens appears to have a protective shell around the zip line itself. Meaning players will either be completely protected when using it or only briefly exposed while ascending. This makes it a terrific rotation spot for teams since it will give teams access to multiple other POIs.