Apex Legends Bangalore Class Guide – Abilities, Tips, Strengths

Looking to try out Respawn Entertainment’s new battle royale game, Apex Legends? Get ready for a great time! Apex Legends has a total of eight characters available to try out. Six are available from the get-go and two more can be unlocked. First, let’s take a look at our Apex Legends Bangalore guide, and learn more about the hard-hitting, well-rounded soldier.

Paralyzed by choice? Not sure which characters are right for your squad line-up? Our Apex Legends class guides will help you learn more about each character. That way you can gain the advantage in this squad-based battle royale.

Bangalore, Professional Soldier

Bangalore is top-notch military specialist from the IMC Armed Forces. Growing up in a military family, it seemed natural for Bangalore (also known by her real name, Anita Williams) to follow in her brothers’ footsteps. She ranked top of her class in the IMC Military Academy. The woman seemed well on her way to a successful career in the Armed Forces.

However, a mission that went awry has left Bangalore stranded. Penniless, she joined the Apex Games in order to earn enough money to return to the IMC Home Base, and reunite with her family.

Bangalore’s military training clearly shows in her play style. She’s all about dealing damage and surviving shootouts. Bangalore is a good character to choose if you want someone that’s ready to step into the fray at any time and dominate with the right strategy.

Bangalore Moveset in Apex Legends

Bangalore’s skills mainly focus on getting you and your squad into advantageous positions, allowing you to lay down fire without getting yourselves killed. This isn’t a character that will help you find opponents or keep the squad healthy, however. If you’re looking for a support role to play in Apex Legends, Bangalore isn’t the best choice. Consider Lifeline or Gibraltar instead.

Passive Skill: Doubletime – If you come under fire while sprinting, you’ll be able to move faster for a short time. This is a helpful skill for getting out of open spaces and into a more fortuitous areas to launch a counter-attack. Use it to reach high ground and the cover of a building, whenever possible.

Tactical Skill: Smoke Launcher – Throw a smoke bomb that explodes into a dense cloud. This is very helpful for getting away from dangerous situations and breaking up enemy squads. Laying down getaway routes — smokey areas you can sprint throughout with little fear of being seen — is another great option. If you have a stealthier squadmate, they can even use the smoke to their advantage to land a kill.

Apex Legends Bangalore

Bangalore Ultimate Ability: Rolling Thunder

Once it’s charged up, Bangalore’s Ultimate will call an airstrike to the area that you mark. Rolling Thunder drops powerful bombs in a straight line, like an airstrike, which is unfortunate for any foe in the area.

Rolling Thunder (unlike Bangalore’s Passive and Tactical skills) isn’t really suited for the heat of battle. It takes a while for the planes to arrive and rain down destruction. You might just get killed if you’re pinned down while waiting.

Instead, the Ultimate is best used where you know there are a lot of enemies in one concentrated area. This could be other squads caught up in a firefight, or just waiting until the ring forces players to be in close quarters. Used strategically, Rolling Thunder can turn the tides of the battle in your favor.

Bangalore Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths: Bangalore’s active ability make her invaluable. Controlling visibility with unlimited smoke grenades lets her and her squadmates decide when and where to fight. That only becomes more important as matches wear on and combat draws closer.

Weaknesses: Bangalore’s ultimate, by contrast, is slow and unwieldy. It still helps you further dictate the flow of battle — not to mention scare away attackers — but is hard to actually score kills with. Her smoke skill activates more frequently, but can be countered by Caustic and Bloodhound, with their radar abilities.

Other Tips When Using Bangalore

Your role is to mainly do damage and land kills; equip yourself for a firefight. Bangalore is there to put holes into her enemies and get away when they try to fight back. Since she’s one of the hardest heroes to surprise, consider giving some of your best weapons to her (or taking them for yourself). Also grab some healing items. You might get separated from the squad with your sprinting skills.

Bangalore is pretty good for those learning the ropes. Her skills aren’t overly complex, making the soldier a good pick when you’re first learning the game. You can stick with Bangalore or move onto another character when you figure out your play style.

You’re a damage dealer, not a tank. When learning the ropes of Bangalore, I had a bit of trouble… Well, not dying. While this character is high on damage dealing, and can escape from incoming fire, she can’t take nearly as many blows directly. Use your Passive and Tactical skills to keep Bangalore alive.