Anthem Tomb Guide: How to Unlock the Legionnaire Tombs

The Anthem tomb challenges appear a few hours into the core story campaign. These side quests halt the normal story missions for a bit, until you’re able to complete a number of tasks called the “Challenges of the Legionnaires.” You won’t be able to progress in the story until these challenges are finished, and then “explore” the corresponding tombs that unlock for each.

The challenges can be found in-game, unsurprisingly, in the Challenges tab. That means you can track them as you go and focus on finishing them while you perform other activities. Here are some quick tips on how to finish the tasks and unlock each Anthem tomb.

Tomb of Gawnes

50 Melee Defeats – Interceptors will have the easiest time with this one. They’re the melee-focused class, after all. But it can also be easily cheesed by heading into Freeplay on Easy difficulty, where most enemies die to melee attacks in one hit. Colossus players can also raise their shield and sprint through enemies to quickly stampede them to death.

50 Ultimate Defeats – Until the endgame, where things get tricky, you should always use your ultimate as much as possible in Anthem. It recharges awfully fast. To hammer out these 50 kills quickly, however, save it up for when big groups of enemies spawn in during missions or world events.

3 Legendary Defeats – It’s no secret which enemies are Legendary in Anthem. It says it right in their name! They also often have a yellow health bar, similar to the strongest enemies in Destiny, and tend to spawn in during world events.

Tomb of Cariff

3 Missions – This one is pretty self-explanatory. You should unlock it just by playing the game naturally. Any three missions will count towards your progress here, too, so just do what you’ve been doing and focus on having some fun!

30 Gear Defeats – “Gear” is another term for your abilities, which are mapped to Q and E on PC and L1/LB, R1/RB on console, by default. Using Primers and Detonators to trigger combos is a solid choice here. You can also cheese this challenge by again heading into Freeplay on easy and one-shotting most enemies that spawn in.

15 Combo Triggers – Pick one Primer ability (indicated by an icon with one circle around another) and one Detonator (which should have a four-pointed star icon) for your two Gear slots. This will make things much easier, since you won’t have to rely on ultimate abilities and teammates. That being said, the Storm Javelin ult is great for racking up combos.

3 Multi-Kills – According to BioWare, a multi-kill is defined as “8 kills with a 10 second timeout between each.” So basically, you just need to slay eight enemies, at minimum, really fast. Using your Ultimate on a fresh wave of Scars or Skorpions is good idea. Look for the big, red portals that generate enemies and take aim!

Tomb of Artinia

5 World Events – Head into Freeplay and just fly around. Someone over your radio will eventually warn you of a nearby problem to solve… with bullets. A purple icon will pop up in the world, too, so follow it to the World Event destination. Then simply follow whatever instructions you’re given — it usually means killing enemies, silencing relics, or fighting a big Titan boss.

30 Weapon Defeats – This one should probably be done by the time you even look at it, as it will come by naturally playing. Using your Gear for combos is fun, yes, but make sure to shoot some enemies along the way.

30 Weak Point Defeats – Keep on using your weapon for this one, but aim at the heads or other weak points of enemies for 30 kills. Weak points flash when you strike them and generate yellow damage “floaties.” It shouldn’t be hard to tell where to hit.

9 Elite Defeats – Elites are lesser versions of Legendary enemies, so they spawn in more frequently and can be found in similar situations: missions, World Events, etc. Their name will have “Elite” in it, so you know who to focus on.

Tomb of Yvenia

15 Treasure Chests – This is most likely where you will spend most of your time doing the challenges. Luckily, you don’t have to be the one to open the chest. However, you do have to be within 250 meters of the chest as it opens for it to count toward your progress.

Chests are found in random spots throughout Freeplay, but they are also a guarantee at the end of World Events. Simply fly around and look for a tiny blue beam shooting up out of the chests where they spawn, or play through a bunch of World Events. Strongholds also produce a number of chests. A combination of all three methods works best!

25 Harvests – As you explore the world, you’ll notice glowing resource points all over the place: rocks, plants, etc. You can grab these to harvest them to get crafting materials and reputation. Sometimes there are even weapons inside! Grab 25 to finish this challenge.

3 Javelins Repaired – You can easily do this with a just a friend or two in your squad. Find some enemies and let them down you. Then revive each other until everyone has the task completed. Reviving NPC Sentinels in the wild, during World Events, and on certain missions also count toward your progress!

10 Collectibles – Bastion is littered with collectible items, and they’re pretty easy to spot. The easiest ones to find are glowing green runes, found on the rocks and walls of areas all throughout the map. You can also find notes and intel on certain landmarks throughout the map. These count as well.

Congrats! You’ve unlocked all four Anthem tomb doors. They should also be marked on your map whenever you’re ready, so head to each destination and step inside to continue the Anthem core story.