Animal Crossing: New Horizons Roost Guide – Unlock the Cafe, Find Brewster

King is back.

Brewster is back! The Roost café is coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons as yet another wing of the museum. If you’re looking for your daily cup of coffee or want to go socialize with villagers, this is the place to do it. In this guide, we’ll explain what The Roost is and tell you exactly how to unlock it!

What is The Roost?

In previous games, this is also where K.K. Slider performed. Since he’s moved to the town square, we’re willing to bet that’s now off the table. The focus of The Roost has instead shifted to being a hangout location. Throughout the day, your villagers may stop by to hang out. You can even invite friends through the amiibo phone, which means those cards you have are finally good for more than just inviting them to your island. Want to chill with Marshal for a bit? Just give him a ring!

While we’re currently limited on information, it’s worth noting that, in previous games, special visitors would occasionally drop by. Think along the lines of Kapp’n, Mr. Resetti, Pelly, and Phyllis — people who might not otherwise be at your island that day. Then again, you could also work part-time, completing coffee orders for various villagers. This wasn’t specifically mentioned in the Nintendo Direct, but it’s possible that some of these features return.

How to Unlock The Roost

After logging in, your first stop should be to speak to Blathers at the Museum. He’ll talk about wanting to open The Roost, but says Brewster is missing. You’ll need to find him first.

If Blathers does not talk to you about Brewster, it’s because you haven’t contributed to one section of the museum. You need to have donated at least one of each type before he’ll bring it up. That means you need at least one piece of real art and one sea creature from diving. That last one is usually what people forget. After that, leave the museum and go back in — Blathers will be ready to talk!

Go to your docks and talk to Kapp’n. He can only bring you to one island a day, so hopefully, you haven’t used your day’s trip yet. If you have, you’ll sadly need to wait until the next day. If you haven’t, talk him into bringing you to an all-new island. The random place he’ll bring you to has all kinds of new stuff, including Brewster. Don’t ask us how he ended up here. Talk to him and then head back to the museum to let Blathers know.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to wait a while now. After doing all this, the museum will be shut down for renovations the next day before reopening the day after that. All in all, this takes about two days to complete.

That’s also assuming that you’ve already played a significant amount of New Horizons. The Roost obviously can’t be opened if the museum isn’t fully up and running yet, now can it? If you haven’t done that just yet, here are the five steps:

  1. Donate five fish or bugs to Tom Nook.
  2. Designate a space for the museum.
  3. Wait until the next day.
  4. Donate 15 bugs, fish, or fossils to Blathers.
  5. Wait another day.

And that’s it! Congrats on getting your café open!