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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Harv's Island Caravans Guide - Unlocks, Cost, Katrina Info

Pack your Bells, we're going shopping.

We’re more than a year into Animal Crossing: New Horizon. If you’ve been tired of waiting around for Kicks or Redd to show up randomly, we have some great news for you. As part of Update 2.0, Nintendo is adding new features to Harv’s Island. No longer will it be a place just for photos and wedding pictures. Instead, it will be a new hub for all of Animal Crossing’s temporary visitors. In this guide, we’ll tell you everything we know about this new Harv’s Island update and how to unlock each caravan.

Harv’s Island Caravans

From what we can tell, there are seven different caravan slots around the camp. Each is tied to a specific vendor that wants to open up shop. When walking up, all you’ll see are a handful of Lloids waiting to gather your money to fund these new stands. Even characters you’ve encountered before have been slightly updated with new features!

From bottom left, around the top of the circle, to bottom right, the stands belong to:

  • Katrina – Fortune Teller.
    • Will tell you your luck, relationship level with villagers, and boost your relationship gains for a price.
  • Saharah – Rugs, Wallpaper, and Floor Seller.
    • No more mystery purchases! You can now see what you’re buying.
  • Tortimer – Storage Access.
  • Reese & Cyrus – Special Item Customization.
  • Leif – Plants, Flowers, and Vegetables.
    • Sells more items. Will remove all weeds from your island for 100,000 Bells.
  • Redd – Paintings and Sculptures.
    • Sells two art pieces a day and hosts raffles for a random item.
  • Kicks – Shoes, Socks, and Accessories.

To be clear: this means that Katarina is the first on your left when you walk in and Kicks is the first on your right.

Harriet is also here to help Harv and to provide you with haircuts, including some newly available options.

Total Harv’s Island Upgrade Costs

Each caravan is relatively cheap if you’ve been playing for a while. At only 100,000 Bells, most veterans will easily be able to afford it. The bigger deal here is you can only build one per day as a project takes overnight to complete. If you keep up with it, you should have all seven after one week of playing.

What Does Katrina Do?

For those of you who haven’t played a previous Animal Crossing with Katrina in it, she simply tells fortunes. Each day you talk to her is basically a roll of the dice, though in previous games you were affected by these whether you visited her or not. Each day, she’ll either predict good luck or bad luck with an associated area. These were the choices in New Leaf, but it’s worth noting that New Horizons removed gender as part of your character creations, so we imagine those luck outcomes will be removed as well.

From what we can tell, Katrina now tells you what level your relationship is at with each villager. Now you can know exactly how close you are to getting their picture!

She’ll also give you insight as to your luck that day. We’re working on deciphering those at the moment.

  • Money
    • Good Luck: Better selling prices, more money from rocks and trees.
    • Bad Luck: Worse selling prices, less money from rocks and trees.
  • Friendship
    • Good Luck: Villagers of the same gender are easier to befriend.
    • Bad Luck: Villagers of the same gender are harder to befriend.
  • Love
    • Good Luck: Villagers of the opposite gender are easier to befriend.
    • Bad Luck: Villagers of the opposite gender are harder to befriend.
  • Item
    • Good Luck: More seashells, higher odds of good random events.
    • Bad Luck: Fewer seashells, lower odds of good random events. (Also, you’ll fart when sitting).
  • Health
    • Good Luck: Bees are slower.
    • Bad Luck: You can trip and fall, dropping items.

Will these all be the same in New Horizons? We don’t know! We plan on finding out once Update 2.0 is available this week. Check back then for more information. We’ll be digging into all the new content and letting you know our discoveries as soon as possible!

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