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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Gyroids Guide - How to Get Brewstoid, Gyroid Types

They're not toys, they're gyroids, Marie!

Our lovable little gyroid friends are back as of Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update 2.0! You’ve already interacted with these little buds when purchasing upgrades for the island through Tom Nook. The little wooden creature gathering coins? That’s a gyroid! Update 2.0 is adding more to the game, however, finally letting you collect and use them as decorations for your house.

In this guide, we’ll explain what gyroids are, how you can get them, and list all of the different types there are to collect. Once the update is out in a few days, we’ll update this with information specific to New Horizons.

What do Gyroids Do?

Gyroids make sounds. That’s the main thing they do. They also double as decorations for your house. Left alone, they make a sound at a specific tempo, pitch, and frequency. This usually changes depending on the gyroid’s shape, size, and family. Additionally, if there’s K.K. Slider music playing in the background, they will all come together to play it as well as they can.

We don’t yet know how all of this will work in regards to New Horizons, but gyroids are a well-documented feature of Animal Crossing.

How to Get Gyroids

Getting your first gyroid requires waiting for a rainy or snowy day. On the following day, you’ll want to dig all of the fossil spots around as they may actually contain a gyroid fragment! After finding one, bring it to your garden (or chuck it back into the hole) as it needs to be watered in order to grow into a gyroid the next day.

You can also sometimes find gyroids buried on the daily islands that Kapp’n brings you to. If you’re doing the quest for Blathers to find Brewster, he’ll also give you one. Make sure to keep visiting him for coffee, however! You can’t unlock the rare Brewstoid until you’ve visited him for 50 days or more.

After that, you can take it to a workbench and customize the colors of your gyroid friend!

Gyroid Value

Fortunately for them, gyroids aren’t worth a ton of cash. They’ve historically been worth less than 1,000 Bells. You’re better off placing them in your house as they’re worth about the same number of Happy Room Academy (HRA) points.

Gyroids in New Horizons.

There are 36 different gyroids in New Horizons.

  • Alumnoid – Sounds like cans.
  • Arfoid – Dog barking.
  • Babbloid – A musical instrument (keyboard or flute)
  • Bendoid – Mechanical whirring sounds.
  • Bloopoid – Water droplets.
  • Boioingoid – Wood vibrations.
  • Boomoid – Drum sounds.
  • Brewstoid – Owl sounds.
  • Bubbloid – Kazoo.
  • Bwongoid – Harp.
  • Clatteroid – Various things clattering.
  • Crumploid – Paper being crumpled. (It hurts to look at)
  • Dootoid – Cup sounds.
  • Drummoid – Drums and cymbals.
  • Flutteroid – Almost like an engine starting up.
  • Jingloud – Sleigh bells.
  • Laseroid – Generic futuristic sounds.
  • Oinkoid – Pig sounds.
  • Petaloid – 8-bit keyboard sounds.
  • Rattloid – Like coins rattling in a clay pot.
  • Ringoid – Electronic bells.
  • Rumbloid – Synth sounds.
  • Scatteroid – Like pieces of wood scattering on a table.
  • Spikenoid – Buzzing, almost like a razor.
  • Sproingoid – Sounds like a spring.
  • Squeakoid – Squeaky toy!
  • Squeezoid – Like rubbing two pieces of plastic together.
  • Stelloid – Outer space sounds.
  • Thwopoid – Various suction cup sounds.
  • Tockoid – More wooden sounds.
  • Tremoloid – Oscillating sounds.
  • Twangoid – Guitar sounds.
  • Wallopoid – Like hitting pieces of wood.
  • Whirroid – Weird sounds.
  • Whistloid – Whistling!
  • Xylophoid – Xylophone!

That’s everything we know about gyroids for now. Be sure to check back once Update 2.0 is live because we’ll be digging into the new content to help you get what you’re looking for!

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