Among Us Polus Map Guide – Map, Vents, & Tips for Moving Around

Have you ever wanted to betray your friends and make them question their trust in you for weeks? If you answered “Yes,” than developer InnerSloth’s Among Us is the game for you. This multiplayer games tasks players with repairing a futuristic base as 1-2 fake crewmates attempt to systematically murder the opposing users. Among Us encourages people to only talk during specific “Discussion” moments to level the playing field for the imposters. This crafts tense scenarios, where people attempt to deflect, accuse, and save themselves from being ejected into space.

One of the keys to surviving Among Us is a core understanding of the three different maps. Each one comes with their own mini-games and challenges that you’ll need to understand as both the crewmate or imposter. Here’s a breakdown of Polus’ map, which is the biggest map in Among Us.

We also have the map layouts for MIRA HQ and The Skeld.

Among Us Polas Map

Polus Map

The biggest of the three maps in Among Us, Polus allows players to explore both inside and outside an arctic base. This means there’s a lot of ground to cover between rooms, which can be dangerous if you’re a crewmate trying to complete your tasks. Polus features 15 rooms, not counting any of the decontamination chambers that are required to go through if you want to enter a structure. Similar to MIRA HQ, these decontamination rooms will seal someone in for a few seconds, denying them access until the doors open.

Additionally, there are twelve vents (which are holes in the ground) on Polus. These vents aren’t all interconnected, so you’ll need to plan carefully if you’re an imposter. There are also no vent locations in both the bottom right and bottom left portions of the map. You can see every vent on the map marked in red along with where they can spit you out in green. I recommend keeping this map up if you’re new to ensure you don’t make a costly error.

Polus Beginner Tips

To be clear, Polus should only be played if you have around 8-10 people, as the map is almost too difficult for the crewmates due to its sheer size. I recommend always traveling with a friend or a group since it’s so easy to be isolated and killed. Be extra careful in the decontamination rooms, as they will seal anyone off from entering or exiting for a short period of time. Be mindful of vent locations, as the south portion of the map is generally safer than the north. One trick I like to use is wait to complete my tasks until the first meeting and then convince people to come as a group for the sake of safety.

As for imposters, you’ll want to make good use of the space so you can pick off those who wander about. Use the vents to just look around the map, but be mindful as the Admin room boasts security cameras. Usually there’s at least one person trying to catch someone in the act via the cameras. Normally this would be a problem, but since there’s a vent in this room you can quickly kill anyone on camera and vanish before the body is discovered. Decontamination rooms are your best friend, use them to make fast escapes, or keep track of where people are. Just try to always have an alibi so don’t be a loner the entire game or you’re likely to be kicked out by the group.