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23 Fun Animal Crossing Umbrella Designs for New Horizons

GameCubes, TVs, pets, and fruit baskets!

As part of the latest Animal Crossing: New Horizons update, Nintendo has added more customization options to multiple items. With the new Custom Design Pro Editor+ in the Nook Shop for 2,000 Nook Miles, you can unlock the ability to add custom designs to small flags, uchiwa, photo stands, and umbrellas. This means you can change the appearance of your umbrellas for when you’re holding them. Some clever players are using these to communicate using simple messages. Others are doing something more interesting: turning them into 3D objects on the floor. Here are 23 Animal Crossing umbrella designs we’ve found to be super cool for your various island and home needs.

Please do let us know if any of these are no longer available on the creator’s page!


While Nintendo has already added the Switch to New Horizons, what if we want to play something else? A GameCube, for example. This was honestly one of the first designs I found which jumped out to me as something I absolutely had to include. Look how natural it looks!

Creator Code: MA-6440-0548-9477
Item Code: MO-LH3F-2C8C-VWFL

Image showing four of the different cat house designs with other pet item decorations. Codes are available in the article below.


With forced perspective we’re finally able to make little cubbies for our furry friends! Yamaji_Maya whipped up this little cat house as an example of what’s possible.

Creator Code: MA-8569-4772-9405
Blue Cat House: MO-5KTK-5G01-V3QS
Pink Cat House: MO-P447-BQ9T-V8FC
Brown Cat House: MO-CL0J-TH82-DFF6
Red Cat House: MO-8PDL-KX3W-HFND
Green Cat House: MO-7BDP-W83Q-WSSS

An Animal Crossing villager waves at the camera from an apple orchard with a fake apple box design. Codes are available in the article below.

Food Boxes!

Whether you want a bunch of sweets or an apple crate, Maya and Zumi have some really good looking decorations. Plop the boxes beneath your trees or in shops alongside some pies and other delectables!

Creator Code: MA-8569-4772-9405
Creator Code: MA-3174-3641-6175
Box of Sweets: MO-RKLG-673M-26J4
Box of Apples: MO-TTGV-XWJS-GSXD

Two images. An upset villager looking at trash bin design in the park and a happy villager in a garage near the trash bin. Codes are available in the article below.

Trash Bin

If you’re island is a bit of a mess or you need a little something to make that park bench feel a bit more authentic, look no further. This trash bin will be a natural fit in your garage, a working area, or in just about any urban setting.

Creator Code: MA-7618-6959-6718

A villager holds the three umbrella designs which read "HI," "TY," and "<3U." Codes are available in the article below.

Communication Umbrellas

Hiperociti has some umbrellas which you can use to communicate with visitors on your island. Running a weekend stalk market sale? Whip out one of these to welcome your new visitors, thank them for their bells, and show some extra appreciation for really good tippers.

Creator Code: MA-0920-4013-4750
Hi Design: MO-8GG0-KVK9-DKTN
Thank You Design: MO-FYKS-SGQR-W4KV
Love You Design: MO-JLQD-P20J-VMVY

An older, rustic looking room with an umbrella on the shelf with a tube TV design. Codes are available in the article below.

Old TV

Give your Animal Crossing home some new perspective with this old tube television. Pair it with the GameCube to jump your room back to 2003.

Creator Code: MA-7618-6959-6718

10 different flower designs with creator codes. Codes are available in the article below.

Flower Boxes

Want to pretty things up? Maybe you’ve been working on a flower shop and need some display items? Look no further than breezeandtrees’ bloom box umbrellas! They come in all sorts of shades and flower types which is certainly useful if you want to have a varied offering!

Since the above image is hard to read, we’ve done our best to transcribe the codes below.

Creator Code: MA-5937-2184-2357
Pink Daffodil Flower Box: MO-8H7D-Q2D5-4J05
Yellow Daffodil Flower Box: MO-0M3D-F4J6-HRYG
Purple Daffodil Flower Pox: MO-C3X3-4BD2-SPSB
Blue Daffodil Flower Box: MO-1FWM-6K7B-0MN9
Pink Flower Box: MO-300H-C42G-QXKY
Purple/Blue Flower Box: MO-SDQ9-5P61-XL7F
Yellow Flower Box: MO-LWJ8-6SN7-4N76
Orange Flower Box: MO-PB4L-8B3V-R8WJ
Red Flower Box: MO-TS75-0Y4Y-LYC3
Purple Flower Box: MO-4S8B-LP2M-RL5Q

And that’s it for now! Have you discovered some umbrella designs that you’d recommend to other players? Let us know in the comments below. There will always be folks on the lookout for the next new thing.

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