How to Cook a Game of Thrones Finale Feast

Photography by Elizabeth Szypulski

The idea of preparing a feast for the Game of Thrones finale may seem odd at first. After all, you’re likely to either throw food at the screen in abject horror, choke on it in a furious rage, or upchuck it all in an Exorcist-worthy spew at the gruesome violence. However, the finale of such a momentous series that has occupied so much head and media space over the last decade deserves a proper sendoff. So let’s get medieval with our bad selves.

There are a wealth of foods described within the many pages of George R.R. Martin’s books. From sweet pumpkin soup to rich, hearty stews and dainty lemon cakes, one can’t help but to grow a touch hungry when reading about the feasts of Winterfell and King’s Landing. This goes for the show as well, with its elaborate set decorations of vibrant food, juicy horse hearts, and sons baked into pies. Mmm, delicious man pie.

If you’re wondering what to make for the finale, you’re in luck, I’ve figured it out for you. Using various recipes, cookbooks, and my own delirious mind, I selected a host of dishes that represent the whole of the world we’ve explored through the pages and screens of Game of Thrones. I’ve taken liberally from the official cookbook, A Feast of Ice and Fire, as well as poked about some blogs and recipes created by fans, all with my own twist of course.

So without further ado, I present your Game of Thrones Finale Feast.

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The Wall — Bean and Bacon Soup

[Sam] had not eaten since that bowl of bean-and-bacon soup with Pyp and Grenn.”

A Feast for Crows

In A Feast of Ice and Fire there are two recipes for each item, an authentic medieval one and a modern take. I chose the medieval option for this stick-to-your-bones stew because it was easy and it just sounded delicious. Spoiler: it was. Also, the idea of a soup melded so well with the atmosphere of The Wall. When it’s that cold and dismal, all you want is a hot bowl of soup, frankly.

The recipe called for pinto beans, which I was unable to locate, so in a move that I am far too proud of, I got… northern beans. Because The Wall… is in The North. I cackled to myself in the grocery store. I’m a nerd, okay?

The North — Bacon and Beef Pie, Onions in Gravy

“Part of him wanted nothing so much as to hear Bran laugh again, to sup on one of Gage’s beef-and-bacon pies, to listen to Old Nan tell her tales of the children of the forest and Florian the Fool.”

A Game of Thrones

If you’ve never made a lattice of bacon, this is your chance. Using the modern recipe from the cookbook, this pie is honestly, to die for. It’s meaty, rich, savory, and there’s a lattice of dang bacon on top. One can imagine the cooks in Winterfell preparing such a dish that looks elegant and intricate, but has those hearty, rustic flavors that the Northerners would prefer.

Beyond tubers and the odd carrot, there aren’t a lot of vegetables in The North, but I felt there needed to be some sort in the meal, and so when I stumbled upon the onions in gravy recipe in the cookbook, I knew we had a winner. Using pearl onions gives you easier, bite sized pieces, perfect for popping into your mouth as the local lords argue about cows or taxes, or something.

The South — Black Bread

“The lower tables were crowded with knights, archers, and sellsword captains, tearing apart loaves of black bread to soak in their fish stew.”  – A Clash of Kings

Making bread is a terrifying prospect, but your guests and fellow finale watchers will appreciate the effort. As a breadmaking virgin, the idea of birthing a loaf of bread wasn’t high on my list. However, this recipe isn’t too difficult, you just need some deft wrist action and patience. Also a bottle of dark stout with a dragon on it.

Knead the bread while crying about your favorite characters that have kicked the bucket and died in horrible, excruciating ways… because that’s what it feels like to knead bread for five minutes.

Recipe via The Inn at the Crossroads.

King’s Landing — Buttered Carrots, Lemon Cakes, and Wildfire Jell-O Shots

King’s Landing is perhaps the culinary capital of Westeros. If haughty medieval Michelin star restaurants existed, they’d undoubtedly be here. Food here is decadent and delightful, bright and buttery. Frankly, it’s delicious.

However, the people of Westeros were probably extremely vitamin deficient given their lack of vegetable dishes. Thankfully the buttered carrots recipe in A Feast of Ice and Fire is easy and tasty.

Olenna Tyrell: “Shall we have some lemon cakes?”

Sansa Stark: “Lemon cakes are my favorite.”

Olenna Tyrell: “So we’ve been told.”

— Olenna Tyrell and Sansa Stark during their first meeting

Sansa’s lemon cakes have long been a fan favorite to attempt to recreate. The recipe I found to be the most authentic to what’s shown on screen has to be the one from Nerdy Nummies. It does require candying lemons the day before, but they add such a nice tart texture that it’s well worth the effort. Sansa would be proud.

If you’re wishing to channel Cersei instead, Buzzfeed’s Wildfire Jell-O shots are a great way to get in your alcohol in a fun and slightly macabre way. Honor those lost to the vibrant flame by knocking a few of these back. Or just drown your sorrows. If you’re more on the side of Daenerys, you could always switch the lime Jell-O out for red and call them Dragon Fire shots.

Too soon?

Dorne — Lemonsweet

“Arianne drew the child away. ‘You must be hungry. We have dates and cheese and olives, and lemonsweet to drink. You ought not eat or drink too much, though…”

A Feast for Crows

Ah Dorne. Perhaps paradise in Westeros, if you like the heat, citrus, and plentiful snakes. Thankfully there’s a way you can get a taste of Dorne without the drama and poison. Lemonsweet is a favored drink amongst the Dornish, and The Humble Bartender’s version is a tart and sweet treat for those parched from crying too much (in anger or sadness, I don’t judge).

This could easily be made alcoholic for those wishing to imbibe to get through the finale. Try a citrus vodka for a bit of a kick.

Across the Narrow Sea — Deviled Dragon Eggs

“Not all men were meant to dance with dragons.”

― A Dance with Dragons

Now we couldn’t forget the Mother of Dragons, er…  dragon. Regardless, Daenerys started her journey across the Narrow Sea and fought, conquered, and burned her way to Westeros with aid of her beloved flying death machines she called children. In an ode to them, I decided that deviled dragon eggs were a fine choice, especially colored in the hues of Drogon, Rhaegar, and Viserion.

These eggs come out seriously cool. Buzzfeed walks you through step-by-step, just be careful how much food coloring you actually use. My hands were stained for days.

And there you have it, a fabulous feast of Game of Thrones-inspired food, goodies, libations, and more. From prep to final table setting it took me around five hours. The bread and pie take the longest, but if you have help and multiple burners going, you can probably cut it down considerably. Regardless, you’ll be hosting one hell of a dinner party. So farewell Game of Thrones. No matter how things end, at least we’ll go out on a full stomach.