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Lunar Kamuy Fife


The Lunar Kamuy Fife is a rare item which summons the purple Lunar Kamuy and adds it to your mount collection.

How to Get the Lunar Kamuy Fife

This mount is normally an exclusive drop from The Minstrel’s Ballad: Tsukuyomi’s Pain level 70 extreme trial with a drop rate of about five to ten percent. Keep in mind that once it does enter the loot pool, you’ll need to win the bidding process on it as well which makes it a somewhat difficult task.

Each completion of the trial also awards one Lunar Totem. Ten of these can be exchanged for a weapon or you can save up 99 of them and give them all to Eschina in Rhalgr’s Reach (X: 13.8, Y: 11.8) or Rowena’s Representative in Kugane (X: 12.2, Y: 10.8) for the Lunar Kamuy Fife.

Players can purchase it (when available during the July 2022 Moogle Treasure Trove – The Hunt for Verity event) with the proper currency. The mount costs 50 Irregular Tomestones of Verity, making it the second most expensive reward from the event. Speak to the Itinerant Moogle in Ul’Dah – Steps of Nald (X: 9.6, Y: 9.1), Limsa Lominsa – Lower Decks (X: 9.4, Y: 11.6), or New Gridania (X: 12.4, Y: 12.1) to claim it!

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The bitter song of this stout flute is said to summon a kamuy blessed by Tsukuyomi herself.