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Quicksilver Storm


Quicksilver Storm is a 720 RPM kinetic auto rifle with the intrinsic perk “Rocket Tracers,” which fires mini-homing rockets on repeated hits. Scoring multiple hits with these rockets then loads grenades into the weapon. You can switch to grenade launcher mode by holding the reload button, and then fire your store of grenades one by one.

How to Get Quicksilver Storm

While it was originally a timed exclusive for those who preordered Destiny 2 Lightfall, anyone who purchases Lightfall (either Standard or Deluxe) will receive it for free. All you have to do is claim it from the Cryptarch in the Tower.

It's also available at the Monument to Lost Lights kiosk by the bank, but that will cost you an exotic cipher, 100,000 glimmer, 200 Legendary shards, and one Ascendant Shard.

How to Get the Quicksilver Storm Catalyst

To start, simply play the Lightfall campaign mission until you reach step eight. At that point, talk to Mara Sov on the holoprojector across from Nimbus and she’ll give you the quest.

Step 1: Defeat Combatants

To start off, just kill enemies in Neomuna with any auto rifle or grenade launchers. Grenades also count!

Gain data to support the nanite calibration by rapidly defeating combatants in Neomuna with Auto Rifles, grenades, and any Grenade Launchers. Rapidly defeating combatants with Grenade Launchers grants the most progress.

Step 2: Talk to Banshee-44

It wouldn’t be a weapon upgrade quest without talking to our favorite Gunsmith. Head to the Tower and talk to Banshee.

Go visit Banshee-44 in the Tower to see what he has to say about Quicksilver Storm’s progress.

Step 3: Defeat Enemies with the Alternative Fire Mode

One more step before the catalyst is yours! Now all you have to do is defeat 50 enemies with the alternative firing mode and you’re set!

Defeat combatants in Neomuna with the Grenade Launcher alternate fire mode of Quicksilver Storm.

How to Level up the Quicksilver Storm Catalyst

Now that you’ve earned the catalyst, it’s time to slot it into the weapon and power it up by killing 700 enemies. A good place to farm foes is by loading up the Last Wish and going to the Shuro Chi encounter via the wishing wall. Not only can you drop a Raid Banner to keep refilling your ammo, but the opening portion has a very high density of Taken. This makes it easy to quickly gain progress by massacring all the enemies guarding this boss.

What Does the Quicksilver Storm Catalyst Do?

After waiting months to get your hands on the Quicksilver Storm catalyst, you shouldn’t be surprised what it does: convert the weapon from Kinetic to Strand. Via the Nano-entanglement perk, any final blows with grenades (alt fire) from this weapon create Tangles. As a reminder, when you destroy these Tangles, they spawn Threadlings that attack nearby enemies.

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