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Le Monarque


With Le Monarque, arrows fired quickly after a full draw become poisonous. They cause damage over time — similar to the thorn in Destiny (and now Destiny 2). But that's not all. If you land a precision hit with a poison arrow, the poison will spread to nearby enemies in a damaging cloud.

How to Get Le Monarque

Le Monarque can only be purchased from the Monument of Lost Lights for one Exotic Cipher, 125,000 Glimmer, 200 Legendary Shards, and one Ascendant Shard.

How to Get the Le Monarque Catalyst

You can obtain the Le Monarque catalyst by completing playlist activities. That means strikes (Nightfall or otherwise) and Gambit or Crucible matches. It basically comes down to sheer luck, sadly. Keep in mind, you need to actually own the weapon itself to cause the catalyst to drop.

What Does the Le Monarque Catalyst Do?

The Le Monarque catalyst gives you 30 additional Stability and 20 Reload Speed. Oh, and it also tacks on the Unrelenting perk for good measure. This makes it so the weapon triggers health regeneration whenever you rapidly defeat targets with Guardians and powerful combatants counting as more than one kill.

It is a pretty lackluster perk for high-level content, but it's nonetheless a nice little upgrade to an already super good weapon. Unrelenting combined with the weapon's poison traits can give you a blast of healing every time you clear a pack of minors.

How to Level up the Le Monarque Catalyst

You can level up the Le Monarque catalyst by eliminating 700 foes. There doesn’t appear to be any kind of bonus for certain game modes or from the season pass catalyst progress buffs. You can just use the gun a whole bunch or grind it out quickly.

There are many places where you can complete this catalyst, but you should note that the old Thrall hallway in the Shattered Throne dungeon has been patched to no longer grant any kind of XP or catalyst progress. You'll need to find another location if that was something you frequently did. You can use the beginning of the Shuro Chi encounter or Grasp of Avarice as an alternative.

Now we recommend activities like the Blind Well and Altars of Sorrow as terrific alternatives. The latter throws huge numbers of weak Hive enemies at you, making it easy to complete this catalyst. At least with the new primary infinite ammo addition, you can literally just stand in one place as lines of enemies run at you.

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Dillon is the Senior Game Guides Editor at Fanbyte. He's spent about 2,000 hours playing a bun boy in Final Fantasy XIV and 800 hours maining Warlock in Destiny 2.



We sit together and stare out into the distance, at the mountains that stretch toward the heavens. There are still vibrant parts of the world, and we must not forget them. To fill her mind with them is to make her human. To connect her to the world before.

Nearby, a flutter of butterflies seek their next batch of sustenance, knowing not what the world around them has become.

She watches them. They are new to her. A wayward butterfly from the flutter lands on her arm. She looks at it, and then to me. "Le Monarque," she says. I nod and attempt a smile. I watch her. Somehow she reminds me of it. Beautiful and dangerous all at once.

Sadness washes over me. I reach out and rub her back, a fleeting moment of comfort for us both, as the feel of her cold body against my hand causes me to pull away. For a moment, I forgot what she was.

There's an awkward silence. I steal another glance at her, simultaneously frightened of and in awe of who and what she is.

A product of my own twisted ambition and desperation.

The monarch flies away, unlikely to be seen again.