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Berenger's Memory


Since grenade launchers are really terrible in PVP, we will be focusing solely on the PVE roll. For the first slot, we’re picking Smart Drift Control since it gives us a nice boost to Velocity, Handling, Recoil, and Stability. This is the ideal choice for a grenade launcher as it ensures you can fire as fast as possible without missing a shot. Spike Grenades are a must-have for any PVE grenade launcher. This increases your damage upon direct hits, making this weapon far more lethal. While you can pick other barrel options, Spike Grenades is a perk you should not deny yourself.

Berenger’s Memory God Roll

  • Smart Drift Control
  • Spike Grenades
  • Clown Cartridge or Field Prep
  • Auto-Loading Holster

Our first core perk can either be Clown Cartridge or Field Prep. The former fantastic since it gives you a chance to gain additional rounds in your magazine. Inversely, Field Prep gives us a faster reload time, allowing you to increase your DPS (damage-per-second) by a considerable amount. That being said, I personally prefer Clown Cartridge since we are also looking for Auto-Loading Holster. Being able to fire a full clip of ammo, swap to your sniper to shoot a boss, and then swap back to a fully loaded Berenger’s Memory is wonderful. It gives you more flexibility and less downtime during boss damage phases.

Despite lacking the coveted Full Court grenade launcher perk, Berenger’s Memory is still a terrific option for anyone looking for a solid, explosive heavy weapon.

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Collin MacGregor

Collin MacGregor is the Guide Staff Writer at Fanbyte. He's also the person who willingly plays the support class (you're welcome) and continues to hold out for an Ape Escape remake.


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Launcher Barrel Slot

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Smart Drift Control

This barrel is broadly optimized for firing control. • Moderately controls recoil • Increases stability • Increases handling speed • Slightly increases projectile speed

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Quick Launch

This weapon's barrel provides faster projectiles and much faster aiming. • Greatly increases handling speed • Increases projectile speed

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Linear Compensator

This weapon's launch barrel is well-balanced. • Slightly increases projectile speed • Slightly increases blast radius • Slightly increases stability

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Hard Launch

This weapon's launch barrel is optimized for projectile speed. • Greatly increases projectile speed • Decreases stability • Slightly decreases blast radius

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This weapon is weighted for vertical recoil. • Greatly controls recoil • Increases stability • Increases handling speed

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Confined Launch

This weapon's launch parameters are particularly stable. • Greatly increases stability • Increases blast radius • Decreases projectile speed

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Volatile Launch

This weapon is optimized for an especially explosive payload. • Greatly increases blast radius • Slightly decreases handling speed • Slightly decreases projectile speed