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1000 Yard Stare


If you want to get the 1,000 Yard Stare, you will need to venture into the Grasp of Avarice dungeon. This sniper is a possible reward after defeating Captain Avarokk, the final boss. Once he’s defeated, this foe will reward players with two loot drops – one of which can be the 1,000 Yard Stare. You will have three chances (one on each character) to get the 1,000 Yard Stare. This gives you six total rewards if you defeat Captain Avarokk three times a week.

Remember, once 1,000 Yard Stare drops for you, it can be given out as a reward in any of the two secret chests. These can be found in the large circular room right before the staircase that has a barrel attempt to crush you and after the Sparrow race in the left eye socket of the giant crystal skull. These chests only give out loot you’ve previously discovered in the Grasp of Avarice dungeon. Additionally, if you decide to grind the final boss encounter know he will only reward you with gear you’ve earned in the dungeon if this isn’t your first time beating Captain Avarokk on that character.

1,000 Yard Stare God Rolls

1,000 Yard Stare PVE God Roll

  • Fluted Barrel
  • Tactical Mag
  • Triple Tap
  • Demolitionist or Golden Tricorn

When it comes to the PVE roll of 1,000 Yard Stare there aren’t a ton of exciting options — especially if you are aiming to take this into Master-tier content. That being said, I recommend Fluted Barrel to greatly increase this sniper’s handling stat along with a nice boost to stability. Unsurprisingly, Tactical Mag is our next choice as it not only gives us more ammo in the magazine but increases our reload speed. Appended Mag is a solid alternative, so don’t feel bad if you get that.

In the first primary perk slot, the only perk I really recommend is Triple Tap. This allows us to fire more rounds into an enemy without reloading which increases our overall damage on larger targets like bosses or Champions. Unfortunately, there’s no Firing Line or Vorpal Weapon perk for this gun, so we will be utilizing some underwhelming secondary perks. Both Demolitionist and Golden Tricorn are solid options, but if you are looking for just a solid damage option then go with the latter. Golden Tricorn can have some fun synergies with grenades while boosting your firearm’s damage. Again, it’s not an ideal perk for a sniper rifle and you can honestly find better options elsewhere.


1,000 Yard Stare PVP God Roll

  • Arrowhead Brake
  • Accurized Rounds
  • Quickdraw
  • Snapshot Sights or Moving Target

This is the reason people are grinding for 1,000 Yard Stare as it has a pretty nutty PVP roll. For the barrel, I suggest Arrowhead Brake to help control the recoil while increasing our handling stat. If you’re on mouse and keyboard you may not need as much recoil control so Fluted Barrel is another great option. Unsurprisingly, we want Accurized Rounds in the magazine slot to increase our effective range. While you don’t need this, I prefer to have consistency with a sniper rifle to ensure I can always kill someone at any range.

For the primary perks, you absolutely want Quickdraw to help you pull this weapon out quickly while running around the map. Combining this with Snapshot Sights gives you a sniper rifle you can swiftly pull out, aim, and eliminate opponents with. It’s perfect for those who are confident in their aim and capable of quickly taking down foes. If this doesn’t fit your style, then consider Moving Target or even Mulligan instead.

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Collin MacGregor is the Guide Staff Writer at Fanbyte. He's also the person who willingly plays the support class (you're welcome) and continues to hold out for an Ape Escape remake.


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Barrel Slot

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Dual strength barrel. • Increases range • Increases stability

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Polygonal Rifling

Barrel optimized for recoil reduction. • Increases stability

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Hammer-Forged Rifling

Durable ranged barrel. • Increases range

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Full Bore

Barrel optimized for distance. • Greatly increases range • Decreases stability • Slightly decreases handling speed

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Fluted Barrel

Ultra-light barrel. • Greatly increases handling speed • Slightly increases stability

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Extended Barrel

Weighty barrel extension. • Increases range • Decreases handling speed • Moderately controls recoil

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Corkscrew Rifling

Balanced barrel. • Slightly increases range and stability • Slightly increases handling speed

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Chambered Compensator

Stable barrel attachment. • Increases stability • Moderately controls recoil • Slightly decreases handling speed

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Arrowhead Brake

Lightly vented barrel. • Greatly controls recoil • Increases handling speed