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Fortnite's Cube Exploded and Sent Players Into Another Dimension

The omnipresent purple cube that appeared in Fortnite Battle Royale Season 5 has exploded. The explosion occurred as a result of Epic’s second one-time event, which are announced ahead of time so folks can hop into a game and check out the action.

The first time around, a rocket launched and exploded in the stratosphere, resulting in rifts that created changes across the map. Again, it appears one-time events exist to usher in new eras of Fortnite.

cube fortnite

The Cube appeared several months ago and slowly rolled its way across the map and into Loot Lake, creating a bouncy surface. Then, toward the end of Season 6, the Cube made some spooky changes to the islands around Loot Lake. Now, after doing a lot of apocalyptic stuff over the past couple of weeks, the Cube has detonated.

As you can see from our captures, the Cube burst and transported players into a white dimension. Players could see celestial-looking pipes moving downward into a pit of bright light. In the sky are other rifts that appear like galaxies, pulsating with black tendrils coming from the center.

light dimension fortnite

Eventually, a butterfly fluttered into view and danced for several seconds before landing on the player’s finger, creating another flash of light and a return to the island of Fortnite.

Players were returned to the sky right above Leaky Lake, which now is fully intact with more small islands and a much, much cleaner look than Loot Lake, or its previously Cubed incarnation.

In addition to changing the map, new today are Lil’ Kev Challenges, which consist of three very straightforward goals. Upon completion, you’ll receive a Rare Back Bling called Lil’ Kev, which is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

lil kev fortnite

It appears that this morning’s one-time event was a smashing success—even though we here at Fanbyte and over at Storm Shield One will miss Kevin. Thank you Big Kev.

RIP Big Kev.

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