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Dhalmel Whistle


Dhalmels are Final Fantasy XIV’s weird giraffe-like creatures who’ve been around in the game since the Heavensward expansion. But in Shadowbringers, a Dhalmel Mount was added, giving you the chance to ride the strange creature.

To obtain the Dhalmel mount, you’ll have to dive into some of the Ishgardian Restoration - crafting and gathering content that sees you attempt to rebuild Ishgard after years of wars with the dragons. 

How to Unlock the Dhalmel Mount in FFXIV

The Dhalmel Mount is obtained from the Dhalmel Whistle, which is a First Prize in the Kupo of Fortune. The Kupo of Fortune is a scratch card game where you unlock one attempt at every time you submit five crafted items to the Ishgardian Restoration. This is only accessible for Disciples of Hand (Crafters), which makes this mount harder to obtain.

Screenshot by Fanbyte via Square Enix

The prizes are randomized each time, and you’ll know them ahead of time. If the Dhalmel is the First Prize, you’ll want to try and select one of the three possible hexagons where the First Prize is located. This is a complete game of chance, so there’s not much strategy involved, except maybe making sure you have plenty of Kupo of Fortune Tickets before you start trying to get this mount.

Alternatively, the Dhalmel is tradable and marketable, meaning you can find it on the market board. Prices vary, but it usually sells for around 500,000 gil, and on a good day, can sell for as little as 300,000. This steep price means that many would rather test their luck at the Kupo of Fortune rather than shell out the gil for the Dhalmel. That said, if you don’t have your crafters leveled up, then the market board might be your best option.

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This appropriately lengthy wind pipe calls a dhalmel loping to your side.