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Silicon Neuroma



A staggering Vex detonates, and the Exo Hunter is torn in two. One half sinks beneath the lake's opaque surface.

Asher's eyes go wide and he freezes. Whatever they'd stumbled into down here was multiplicatively more lethal. He reloads his fusion rifle and looks around wildly.

The other Hunter—she's the only other one left alive, no, stay calm—throws a smoke bomb and disappears. Asher barely has time to react before the Hunter reappears on high ground and draws a bow of Void energy, almost in slow motion.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Ten Vex fall. Asher watches them disintegrate, looks back up to the Hunter—but the yell of gratitude catches in his throat as four Vex shimmer into existence behind her.

Asher can't watch this time. He frantically searches for a way out… and a tentacle grabs his Ghost.

A millisecond of pain in his shoulder and everything goes white.