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Quicksilver Storm



//BOOTUP==FAIL.ERRNXIO //BOOTUP==FAIL.ERRNXIO //BOOTUP==FAIL.ERRNXIO //BOOTUP //CS-AWS MK17.3 //errno_common==HOME==4E.4F.48.4F.4D.45==ERRNOTRECOVERABLE //errno_common==SYSTEM== //RESTORING //PROXIMITY==3; Exo MODEL (BRAY_special); POUKA (juvenile); UNKNOWN (!!EXTREME CAUTION!!PARACAUSAL) UNKNOWN: -said we were going home. I don't wanna be on Ganymede. There's no one here. EXO: That's the point, Tokki. No one dies if this goes gray goo on us. //REGISTER UNKNOWN==TOKKI EXO: This housing and frame replicate the scans I took. Not sure why it won't fire. //BIOMETRIC==UNRECOG Tokki: If this doesn't work, may I have my pretty silver back? I like it better on me than in a gun. EXO: Your accessory came from a gun. Someone in the outer system is using weaponized nanomachines. I haven't seen that. Tokki: That shouldn't mean you can just take other people's thing. EXO: I've seen EVERYTHING, Tokki. POUKA: *contactCall.3* EXO: Almost everything. EXO: But I can't figure out from the scans how the original design propelled anything. Tokki: Isn't why you kept that piece of the original barrel? EXO: No. Someone spent some time etching that motto by hand. Seems respectful to keep it. Tokki: I will never understand Guardians. EXO: So, someone out there has a weapon I've never seen before, don't understand, and don't know how to defend against. The closest thing we've seen to this is SIVA, and these bugs are so far beyond that. POUKA: *unisonCall.1* EXO: Get off that, Fish! //KEY==POUKA::DESIG==EXDSNDG::verified //ADDUSER (y/n)==y EXO: Dumb little critter. You'll blow yourself up. Go on. Tokki: My silver is moving, Elsie. //REGISTER EXO MODEL (BRAY_special)==ELSIE //NEWUSER REG==Elsie Elsie: So if this is the barrel… //CALIBRATING Elsie: …and this is the magnetic bottle. //CALIBRATING Elsie: Pulling the trigger should section off a round, but then what actually fires— //DISCHARGE::ELSIE.00000001 POUKA: *distressCall.1* Tokki: WHAT DID YOU DO?! Elsie: I didn't change anything! Elsie: The nanite colony must build each round with a… a solid-state impeller coil. Tokki: That small? That's like… Golden Age tech! Elsie: No. We never had anything like this.

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