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Null Calamity 9



"I've misplaced Osiris again," Sagira told a Goblin.

The Goblin, being a Goblin, shot at her.

She dodged with a sigh, and continued through the Forest.

"If I was Osiris, where would I go to celebrate Panoptes becoming scrap metal?"

The answer, when Sagira finally tracked him down, surprised her.

Osiris hovered, cross-legged, at the center of a ruined Lighthouse. A dead sun loomed in the lightless sky. Arrayed on the ground below to the horizon, yellow Vex eyes pierced the gloom.

Sagira zoomed straight to Osiris's side. "I thought we averted this future!"

Eyes closed, Osiris shook his head. "Many equations lead to this answer."

A sound like a drumbeat, but with the impact of an earthquake, shook the Lighthouse.

Sagira darted through the crumbling chamber. "What do we do?"

Another bone-rattling drumbeat kicked up clouds of dust.

Osiris floated to his feet. "We start over."

BOOM. Through the window, a shadow eclipsed the Vex eyes.

"But first," he said. "You'll have to rez me again, old friend."