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Jack Queen King 3




From the journals of Ikora Rey

When I studied with Osiris, he would often tell me: "I see failure in your future." No matter how hard I worked, no matter how strong I became, always: "I still see failure."

I think now what he saw was Io.

When I lost my Light and retreated from a ruined City, when I arrived on Io to find only silence, I too thought I had failed. Even after Ghaul's defeat and the Traveler's waking, I told my friends I thought the Traveler had tested me, and that I had failed its test.

But now I'm not so sure.

Perhaps what Osiris saw for me—what I experienced on Io—was simply that I needed help. That most Human of conditions. I needed to be in a fireteam, and to be a fireteam for others in turn.

How like Osiris to see that and name it failure.

I won't make that mistake again.

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Sight Slot

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Sureshot HCS

Pinpoint Hand Cannon sight. • Increases range • Decreases stability • Decreases handling speed

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Crossfire HCS

Sharp Hand Cannon sight. • Increases range • Slightly decreases stability • Slightly decreases handling speed

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HitMark HCS

Accurate Hand Cannon sight. • Slightly increases range

Perk Icon

TrueSight HCS

Balanced Hand Cannon sight. • Slightly increases range • Slightly increases stability • Slightly increases handling speed

Perk Icon

SteadyHand HCS

Stable Hand Cannon sight. • Increases stability • Increases handling speed

Perk Icon

Fastdraw HCS

Agile Hand Cannon sight. • Greatly increases handling speed • Slightly increases stability