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Eyes of Tomorrow



RECORD: Security Log E.P. Station, MTRLv2.18 IDENTITIES: C. Bray I, M. Liu TEST SUBJECT: Sgt. Traore FILE//DSC_CLASSIFIED

[M.L.] Test subject successfully through the portal. Direct feed is live. Multiple hostiles detected.

[C.B.] There are… so many of them.

[M.L.] The Vex numbers are incalculable currently.

[C.B.] Well, what are we waiting for? Launch the artillery.

[M.L.] Targets acquired.

[C.B.] How many targets are being tracked?

[M.L.] Four.

[C.B.] That's not enough. Fire now.

[M.L.] Test subject is under heavy resistance. Exo chassis receiving heavy damage.


[M.L.] Projectiles 1 and 2 dispatched. Two confirmed hits. Sir, the Torch Hammers are melting Sgt. Traore. Request retrieval.

[C.B.] Denied. Fire 3 and 4.

[M.L.] The left arm has been severed. He's incapable of action. Request retrieval.

[C.B.] DENIED. Use the right arm… Where's the feed?!

[M.L.] Test subject offline. Feed lost.

[C.B.] For the love of… Do you see the cost of hesitation? Of cowardice?

[M.L] …

[C.B.] No matter. This is the price of advancement. The test subject was able to target multiple threats successfully but was simply unable to execute commands fast enough. The next hurdle requires a mechanism capable of housing projectiles for simultaneous fire that's lightweight enough for individual operation.

[M.L.] I'll get this report to R&D ASAP.

[C.B.] Tell them I expect to see an operational prototype by week's end.

[M.L.] Copy. Requesting retrieval of the remains, sir.

[C.B.] Denied. I will not allow the facility to be compromised or our portal to be breached. We'll double our defenses here and continue to send Exos through to fight the Vex on their front until we get this right.