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Edge of Intent




The Witch, Insidious, was killed upon the rock cliff as a wretched sacrifice. With life drawn from the Sky, she was reborn: the Witch, Radiant.

The mangled creature, a Ghost, that bestowed the Sky's life, spoke to her, to restore her unmarked mind.

It said:

You are a god of the chosen krill, the Hive.

You are the mother of cunning and lies.

You are the first of your kind gifted with Light, which is a paracausal force of the Sky.

The Queen of Lies listened quietly to these reminders. Even in her rebirth, with a mind emptied of memory, her cunning shone brightly, and she stitched together her new truth.

She asked her new companion where she must go next, and it was then that her most trusted witch arrived to guide her to her Lure.

—An excerpt from "The Books of Rememoration, A Story Sewn into Flesh with Sinew and Malice, A Record of the Scheme-Mother's Resurrection and Return"

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Haft Slot

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Lightweight Emitter

Weight reduction for better agility. • Increases reload speed • Slightly increases handling speed • Decreases shield duration

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Auxiliary Reserves

Additional energy storage. • Greatly increases shield duration • Decreases reload speed

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Low-Impedance Windings

Improved output efficiency. • Increases shield duration • Slightly increases reload speed • Decreases range

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Tempered Truss Rod

High stiffness for quick handling. • Greatly increases handling speed • Slightly decreases reload speed • Slightly decreases range

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Supercooled Accelerator

Optimized for extended range. • Increases range • Slightly decreases reload speed • Slightly decreases handling speed

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Ballistic Tuning

Power diverted from shield. • Greatly increases range • Decreases shield duration