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Edge of Action




The Scheme-Mother-Reborn returned to her Lure. Here, her Ghost companion and her most trusted witch led her to a broken statue.

The statue held a fragmented weapon in its alien arms. When the Scheme-Mother asked why these broken things were on her ship, her most trusted witch told her:

You broke them, my queen, because they belong to a traitor.

The great Goddess of Whispers reached to hold the broken weapon. Although she did not remember its shape, she could feel its power and potential.

The Mother of Lies said:

This vile artifact holds memory, and it is memory that I lack.

Perhaps the-thing-I-was could retrieve these memories, but the-thing-I-am cannot.

I must find a creature capable of holding two wrestling paracausal forces in its breast.

I must outsource my remembering to someone else.

—An excerpt from "The Books of Rememoration, A Story Sewn into Flesh with Sinew and Malice, A Record of the Scheme-Mother's Resurrection and Return"

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Haft Slot

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Lightweight Emitter

Weight reduction for better agility. • Increases reload speed • Slightly increases handling speed • Decreases shield duration

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Auxiliary Reserves

Additional energy storage. • Greatly increases shield duration • Decreases reload speed

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Low-Impedance Windings

Improved output efficiency. • Increases shield duration • Slightly increases reload speed • Decreases range

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Tempered Truss Rod

High stiffness for quick handling. • Greatly increases handling speed • Slightly decreases reload speed • Slightly decreases range

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Supercooled Accelerator

Optimized for extended range. • Increases range • Slightly decreases reload speed • Slightly decreases handling speed

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Ballistic Tuning

Power diverted from shield. • Greatly increases range • Decreases shield duration