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v_v_v_victory: WE GOT ACCEPTED!!! v_v_v_victory: EXODUS BLACK HERE WE COME Waelcyrge: haha… v_v_v_victory: I'M SO EXCITED AAAAAAAAAH v_v_v_victory: SIGRUN!!!!!!!! v_v_v_victory: we are LITERALYL going to make history v_v_v_victory: like babies are going to be sitting in school on a WHOLE NEW PLANET v_v_v_victory: and the teacher will be like 'LISTEN UP you little idoiots' v_v_v_victory: 'some brave-ass people voluntered to leave EVERYBODY THEY KNEW + LOVED so that YOU could walk around on this weird planet' v_v_v_victory: haha v_v_v_victory: youre pumped too right? v_v_v_victory: i know youre pumped v_v_v_victory: sig? Waelcyrge signed off at 07:46:45 UTC-8. v_v_v_victory: gd it Your message 'gd it' could not be delivered because the recipient is offline.