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Excerpts from a pre-Collapse report, logged by Dr. Khatun-Rowe, a researcher in the Engineering Division of the New Pacific Arcology, Titan:

Since Dr. Pell's breakthrough on methods of magnetic containment last year, we've successfully stabilized multiple ionic reactors. They have allowed us to expand our division's plasma technology work beyond research into development… [Because] the Arcology's turbines have been generating more energy than the facility consumes, leadership has decided, over the objections of D.M. Korosec, to focus initial trials on force-multiplying technology. Ostensibly, leadership's hope is to supplement invasive and costly gene-splicing technology with power suits that could greatly extend our divers' uptime…

While the power suit initiative seems benign, [Arcology leadership's] insistence on controlled ionic emissions research is clearly geared toward weapon development.

Though I will, of course, give my full focus to our new directive, I pray these weapons remain prototypes, discarded and forgotten in the back room of history…