‘Midnight Mass’ Review: Spoiler, The Church is the Real Monster

To imagine the mood of Midnight Mass, the latest work from Netflix darling Mike Flanagan, you need only conjure the words of John Mulaney: “Now, I was raised Catholic. I don’t know if you can tell that from the everything about me.” While Flanagan has become something of a household…

Midnight Mass


ODDTAXI is a Perfect Ensemble Noir About Funny Animals

It’s a tough world out there for furry anime. Sure, there will never be a shortage of shows where basically human teens sport tails and ears to frequently horny ends, but instances of fully anthropomorphized animals are generally expected to be intrinsically Saying Something with their use of animal-people. Given…


What the Hell Happened to Wonder Egg Priority?

This piece discusses suicide, transphobia, sexual assault, pedophilia, and rape apologism at length. Wonder Egg Priority premiered to dazzling praise back in January, with almost film-quality animation and a creative team of talented newcomers either beginning their careers or stepping into new roles. Its story, about four adolescent girls each…

Wonder Egg



Nagata Kabi’s Latest Book Tackles the Cost of Writing Nonfiction

A Nagata Kabi book is not unlike a Bo Burnham special: a compellingly personal bit of art that leaves you slightly terrified that you should be calling into a crisis hotline on the artist’s behalf. Nagata shot to acclaim in 2016 when her autobiographical webcomic was published in a printed…

My Alcoholic Escape From Reality

Enjoy the Hunky Queer Magical Boys of Fairy Ranmaru

My favorite anime are the ones where I sit down every week and gleefully scream “what the fuck is this?!” at the top of my lungs. The sheer number of shows being made every season means that there are a lot of genre-followers and comfort food offerings, not because of…

Fairy Ranmaru

Boys Run the Riot is a Manga by and for Trans Men

To this day, one of the best-known manga about growing up trans is Takako Shimura’s Wandering Son, a ground-breaking title that ran from 2002 to 2015 which followed a group of kids from grade school through graduation. Though parts of it still ring powerfully true, particularly for trans women, it’s…

Boys Run the Riot