Anna Koselke

Anna Koselke

Anna studied English Literature and then Medieval History at the University of Edinburgh, going on to specialize in narrative design and video game journalism as a writer. When she's not frantically trying to form words into coherent sentences, she's probably daydreaming about becoming a fairy druid and befriending every animal.





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Best Palworld Server Hosting Providers

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Palworld Astegon Location & How to Catch

Filling out your Paldeck isn't the most difficult thing to do in Palworld, but it can be daunting when you don't know where to find different Pals. You won't know a Pal's location until you've...

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Astrologian Rotation, Openers, and Abilities - (Patch 6.5) - FFXIV

While Final Fantasy XIV offers a few different healers to choose from, including the more shield-oriented Sage or Scholar and the pure-healing White Mage, Astrologian stands out with its intric...

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How to Get & Farm Honey in Palworld

While Honey isn't exactly rare in Palworld, you may not know where to find it or how to most efficiently farm the ingredient. It quickly becomes necessary as you advance and level up, especiall...

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When Do Chests, Eggs, and Ores Respawn in Palworld

When it comes to Palworld respawn timers, you'll find that they differ depending on whether you're looking to fight the same boss again or simply mine an already depleted ore source. Alpha Pals...

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How to Make Cake in Palworld

If you want to breed two Pals together, you're going to need to make some tasty Palworld Cake first. Before you can cook up the sweet recipe yourself though, you'll also have to hit a certain l...

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When Do Bosses Respawn in Palworld

When you take on your first few Alpha Pals or any bigger, more formidable enemies in-game, you'll receive some high-quality drops and subsequently may wonder how the Palworld boss respawn timer...

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Palworld Update Finally Lets You Catch 'Em All

A new Palworld update is upon us, and with it comes the ability to own just about every Pal you could ever hope to stuff into the murkiest depths of your Palbox. With Pocketpair's latest patch,...

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How to Get High Quality Pal Oil in Palworld

While High Quality Pal Oil in Palworld isn't exactly rare, the game doesn't point you toward the mid-to-late-game resource very well. The oil is essential when crafting Polymer, a necessary ing...