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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Personalities & Hobbies of Every Villager

Personalities are a well known part of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. There are jocks, cranky villagers, snooty villagers, and many more. You probably know this. What you may not know is that each villager also has their favorite hobbies. This is why you’re very likely to encounter Skye singing at any time of day or night. Our Animal Crossing Personalities and Hobbies guide will tell you everything you need to know about these two systems!

Updated on October 26, 2021 to include the 16 new villagers coming in Update 2.0.

Animal Crossing Personalities

There are eight different personalities in the game: Normal, Lazy, Sisterly, Snooty, Cranky, Jock, Peppy, and Smug. We’ll get into what each of those actually means in a second, but want to point out that the official New Horizons strategy guide does confirm that each personality type actually has two sub-types. These subtypes help determine their hobbies and voice pitch.

For example, Snooty A villagers are more likely to be into education and have a high pitched voice. Snooty B villagers, on the other hand, are into fashion and have a normal pitched voice. It also helps determine their dialogue options, but as a whole this isn’t too important so we largely won’t be separating villagers by their sub-types. If you do want to read more about personality sub-types, check out this Google Doc.


Normal is a personality equivalent to the male Lazy personality. In general, they are neutral and kind to everyone. It’s hard to make a Normal villager upset. You’ll frequently see them comment on how normal they are compared to everyone else. These villagers tend to be awake from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.


As we just mentioned, Lazy villagers are the male equivalent of Normal villagers. As per their type, they’re frequently caught relaxing and are incredibly easygoing. They’re very friendly and will often express their affection towards food. These villagers tend to be awake from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. sleeping for much longer hours than most other villagers.


Also known as Uchi, the Sisterly personality is similar to the male Cranky personality. If you’ve encountered a Sisterly villager, this likely makes sense. While they’re not really angry or rude, they’re certainly blunt and sometimes rude. That said, they’re also capable of being very friendly and, well, sisterly. These villagers tend to be awake from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. Perfect for anyone who’s mostly plays in the evening.


Snooty villagers are closet to male Smug villagers. In past games, they were more similar to cranky villagers, but now their attitudes have been toned down. Now they’re primarily self-centered and perhaps a bit arrogant. Their houses are frequently among the most expensive looking though there are exceptions. These villagers tend to be awake from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.


Whether you consider them Cranky or Grumpy, these villagers are most like Sisterly villagers. They’re easily annoyed and are more likely to get into fights with other villagers. That said, two Cranky villagers get along just find, bonding over their irritability. You may find them to be a bit rude and certainly stubborn. These villagers tend to be awake from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m.


Jocks are bright like Peppy villagers, but focused on sports instead. They’re into sports and will talk about working out or being tired from physical exercise. They also follow the American stereotype of being less intelligent than other villagers. These villagers tend to be awake from 6:30 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.


Peppy villagers are super bright and friendly. You’ll notice that they’re always happy to see you though they may be a bit all over the place, changing topics frequently and being forgetful. These villagers tend to be awake from 7:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

Animal Crossing Hobbies

Every Animal Crossing villager has a primary hobby which determines what they’re most likely to do. That does not mean they will not cross over into other hobby activities from time to time, however.

  • Education: These villagers are fond of sitting down and reading a good book. Whether that’s from the inside of their house or outside under the trees.
  • Fashion: You’ll find these villagers visiting the Able Sisters or walking around the island carrying a purse. They’ll also comment on the clothes you’re wearing from time to time.
  • Fitness: This is one of the most obvious hobbies. These villagers can be found lifting weights or stretching throughout the island or even in their house.
  • Music: Like we mentioned, those with the Music hobby like Skye will often just stop what they’re doing and sing. Normally they’ll sing their favorite song. If there’s music playing nearby, however, they’ll sing that instead.
  • Nature: If you’ve ever seen villagers walking around and inspecting the various flowers on your island, they may have a Nature hobby. You can also see them carrying around sticks and picnic baskets. Sometimes they will take out a book about flowers while examining them so some may confuse this for the Education hobby. They will also set up shop by a river and fish or take out a net to try and catch a bug.
  • Playing: This is the Naruto run hobby.

Animal Crossing Personality Chart

Certain villager types will not get along with one another. For example, Jocks are more likely to fight with Lazy villagers. The chart below will help you know what to expect. We very much recommend checking out this Animal Crossing Villager Compatibility Tool and making a copy of it in your own Google Drive. All you have to do is select your villagers from a drop down list and it’ll tell you who’s most likely to fight. That’s also where we’ve sourced the below table.

Normal Lazy Sisterly Snooty Cranky Jock Peppy Smug
Normal Get Along Get Along Neutral Occasionally Occasionally Get Along Get Along Get Along
Lazy Get Along Get Along Get Along Neutral Occasionally Conflict Get Along Get Along
Sisterly Neutral Get Along Neutral Conflict Conflict Get Along Get Along Get Along
Snooty Occasionally Neutral Conflict Neutral Get Along Conflict Neutral Neutral
Cranky Occasionally Occasionally Conflict Get Along Neutral Get Along Conflict Conflict
Jock Get Along Conflict Get Along Conflict Get Along Neutral Get Along Neutral
Peppy Get Along Get Along Get Along Neutral Conflict Get Along Neutral Get Along
Smug Get Along Get Along Get Along Neutral Conflict Neutral Get Along Get Along

Animal Crossing Villager Personality and Hobbies Chart

And that’s everything you need to know! Now here’s the information for every available villager! Special thanks to the datamining efforts of Astro for making this information public.

New Villagers

There are 16 new villagers coming in Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0. Here’s everything we know about them so far.

Villager Personality Favorite Hobby
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Lazy Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Jock Unknown
Peppy Unknown
Cranky Unknown
Snooty Unknown
Lazy Unknown
Normal Unknown

Launch Villagers

Now for the villagers you’ve come to know and lover over the past year and some.

Villager Personality Favorite Hobby
DragoAnimal Crossing Drago Lazy Nature
DelAnimal Crossing Del Cranky Fitness
GayleAnimal Crossing Gayle Normal Nature
AlfonsoAnimal Crossing Alfonso Lazy Play
BootsAnimal Crossing Boots Jock Play
AlliAnimal Crossing Alli Snooty Fashion
SlyAnimal Crossing Sly Jock Play
Villager Personality Favorite Hobby
AnabelleAnimal Crossing Anabelle Peppy Fashion
AnnalisaAnimal Crossing Annalisa Normal Nature
AntonioAnimal Crossing Antonio Jock Fitness
OlafAnimal Crossing Olaf Smug Education
CyranoAnimal Crossing Cyrano Cranky Education
PangoAnimal Crossing Pango Peppy Fashion
SnootyAnimal Crossing Snooty Snooty Education
Villager Personality Favorite Hobby
MeganAnimal Crossing Megan Normal Nature
UrsalaAnimal Crossing Ursala Sisterly Music
Grizzlyanimal crossing grizzly Cranky Education
Charliseanimal crossing charlise Sisterly Fitness
Pinkyanimal crossing pinky Peppy Fashion
Tutuanimal crossing tutu Peppy Fashion
Grouchoanimal crossing groucho Cranky Music
Ikeanimal crossing spike Cranky Nature
Curtanimal crossing curt Cranky Nature
Beardoanimal crossing beardo Smug Education
Chowanimal crossing chow Cranky Fitness
Nateanimal crossing nate Lazy Play
Paulaanimal crossing paula Sisterly Fitness
Klausanimal crossing klaus Smug Education
Teddyanimal crossing teddy Jock Fitness
Villager Personality Favorite Hobby
Jacquesanimal crossing jacques Smug Music
Luchaanimal crossing lucha Smug Fitness
Piperanimal crossing piper Peppy Play
Anchovyanimal crossing anchovy Lazy Play
Jayanimal crossing jay Jock Fitness
Midgeanimal crossing midge Normal Education
Admiralanimal crossing admiral Cranky Nature
Jacobanimal crossing jacob Lazy Nature
Jittersanimal crossing jitters Jock Fitness
Peckanimal crossing peck Jock Play
Robinanimal crossing robin Snooty Fashion
Sparroanimal crossing sparro Jock Play
Twiggyanimal crossing twiggy Peppy Fashion
Villager Personality Favorite Hobby
Stuanimal crossing stu Lazy Nature
Rodeoanimal crossing rodeo Lazy Fitness
Vicanimal crossing vic Cranky Fitness
Angusanimal crossing angus Cranky Fitness
Coachanimal crossing coach Jock Fitness
T-Boneanimal crossing tbone Cranky Education
Villager Personality Favorite Hobby
Ankhaanimal crossing ankha Snooty Nature
Raymondanimal crossing raymond Smug Nature
Bobanimal crossing bob Lazy Play
Felicityanimal crossing felicity Peppy Fashion
Lollyanimal crossing lolly Normal Music
Punchyanimal crossing punchy Lazy Play
Kabukianimal crossing kabuki Cranky Music
Merryanimal crossing merry Peppy Fashion
Rosieanimal crossing rosie Peppy Music
Tangyanimal crossing tangy Peppy Music
Kattanimal crossing katt Sisterly Music
Kid Catanimal crossing kid cat Jock Fitness
Kikianimal crossing kiki Normal Education
Mitzianimal crossing mitzi Normal Education
Oliviaanimal crossing olivia Snooty Music
Purrlanimal crossing purrl Snooty Fashion
Tomanimal crossing tom Cranky Education
Kittyanimal crossing kitty Snooty Fashion
Moeanimal crossing moe Lazy Play
Moniqueanimal crossing monique Snooty Fashion
Rudyanimal crossing rudy Jock Play
Stinkyanimal crossing stinky Jock Fitness
Tabbyanimal crossing tabby Peppy Music
Villager Personality Favorite Hobby
Beckyanimal crossing becky Snooty Music
Kenanimal crossing ken Smug Education
Knoxanimal crossing knox Cranky Education
Pluckyanimal crossing plucky Sisterly Play
Avaanimal crossing ava Normal Music
Benedictanimal crossing benedict Lazy Play
Broffinaanimal crossing broffina Snooty Music
Egbertanimal crossing egbert Lazy Play
Goose Jock Fitness
Villager Personality Favorite Hobby
Naomianimal crossing naomi Snooty Fashion
Normaanimal crossing norma Normal Nature
Pattyanimal crossing patty Peppy Fashion
Tipperanimal crossing tipper Snooty Fashion
Villager Personality Favorite Hobby
Judyanimal crossing judy Snooty Music
Stitches Lazy Play
Bluebearanimal crossing bluebear Peppy Fashion
Juneanimal crossing june Normal Nature
Mapleanimal crossing maple Normal Education
Cherianimal crossing cheri Peppy Fashion
Pekoeanimal crossing pekoe Normal Nature
Oliveanimal crossing olive Normal Nature
Ponchoanimal crossing poncho Jock Fitness
Tammyanimal crossing tammy Sisterly Play
Baroldanimal crossing barold Lazy Play
Chesteranimal crossing chester Lazy Play
Kodyanimal crossing kody Jock Fitness
Murphyanimal crossing murphy Cranky Education
Pudgeanimal crossing pudge Lazy Play
Vladimiranimal crossing vladimir Cranky Play
Marty Lazy Play
Villager Personality Favorite Hobby
Beauanimal crossing beau Lazy Nature
Dianaanimal crossing diana Snooty Education
Faunaanimal crossing fauna Normal Nature
Deirdreanimal crossing deirdre Sisterly Play
Erikanimal crossing erik Lazy Nature
Bamanimal crossing bam Jock Play
Lopezanimal crossing lopez Smug Education
Zellanimal crossing zell Smug Music
Bruceanimal crossing bruce Cranky Nature
Fuchsiaanimal crossing fuchsia Sisterly Music
Chelsea Normal Play
Villager Personality Favorite Hobby
Luckyanimal crossing lucky Lazy Play
Cherryanimal crossing cherry Sisterly Music
Cookieanimal crossing cookie Peppy Fashion
Bonesanimal crossing bones Lazy Play
Butchanimal crossing butch Cranky Music
Goldieanimal crossing goldie Normal Nature
Portiaanimal crossing portia Snooty Fashion
Shepanimal crossing shep Smug Education
Beaanimal crossing bea Normal Nature
Benjaminanimal crossing benjamin Lazy Nature
Biskitanimal crossing biskit Lazy Play
Daisyanimal crossing daisy Normal Education
Macanimal crossing mac Jock Fitness
Maddieanimal crossing maddie Peppy Jock
Marcelanimal crossing marcel Lazy Play
Walkeranimal crossing walker Lazy Play
Villager Personality Favorite Hobby
Ketchupanimal crossing ketchup Peppy Play
Mollyanimal crossing molly Normal Nature
Billanimal crossing bill Jock Play
Drakeanimal crossing drake Lazy Play
Gloriaanimal crossing golria Snooty Fashion
Pompomanimal crossing pompom Peppy Music
Scootanimal crossing scoot Jock Fitness
Deenaanimal crossing deena Normal Education
Derwinanimal crossing derwin Lazy Play
Frecklesanimal crossing freckles Peppy Fashion
Joeyanimal crossing joey Lazy Play
Maelleanimal crossing maelle Snooty Fashion
Mallaryanimal crossing mallary Snooty Fashion
Mirandaanimal crossing miranda Snooty Fashion
Pateanimal crossing pate Peppy Fashion
Quillsonanimal crossing quillson Smug Music
Weberanimal crossing weber Lazy Nature
Villager Personality Favorite Hobby
Apolloanimal crossing apollo Cranky Music
Celiaanimal crossing celia Normal Nature
Ameliaanimal crossing amelia Snooty Music
Averyanimal crossing avery Cranky Music
Keatonanimal crossing keaton Smug Music
Pierceanimal crossing pierce Jock Fitness
Sterlinganimal crossing sterling Jock Fitness
Buzzanimal crossing buzz Cranky Nature
Frankanimal crossing frank Cranky Education
Villager Personality Favorite Hobby
Tiaanimal crossing tia Normal Nature
Cydanimal crossing cyd Cranky Music
Ellieanimal crossing ellie Normal Nature
Eloiseanimal crossing eloise Snooty Fashion
Margieanimal crossing margie Normal Education
Opalanimal crossing opal Snooty Fashion
Tuckeranimal crossing tucker Lazy Nature
Axelanimal crossing axel Jock Fitness
Big Topanimal crossing big top Lazy Play
Dizzyanimal crossing dizzy Lazy Play
Paoloanimal crossing paolo Lazy Nature
Villager Personality Favorite Hobby
Lilyanimal crossing lily Normal Education
Ribbotanimal crossing ribbot Jock Fitness
Cousteauanimal crossing cousteau Jock Fitness
Divaanimal crossing diva Sisterly Fitness
Driftanimal crossing drift Jock Fitness
Henryanimal crossing henry Smug Music
Jeremiahanimal crossing jeremiah Lazy Play
Puddlesanimal crossing puddles Peppy Fashion
Tadanimal crossing tad Jock Play
Camofroganimal crossing camofrog Cranky Music
Croqueanimal crossing croque Cranky Nature
Frobertanimal crossing frobert Jock Fitness
Gigianimal crossing gigi Snooty Fashion
Huckanimal crossing huck Smug Fitness
Jambetteanimal crossing jambette Normal Fashion
Princeanimal crossing prince Lazy Play
Raddleanimal crossing raddle Lazy Nature
Wart Jr.animal crossing wart jr Cranky Education
Villager Personality Favorite Hobby
Sherbanimal crossing sherb Lazy Nature
Pashminaanimal crossing pashmina Sisterly Music
Chevreanimal crossing chevre Normal Education
Kiddanimal crossing kidd Smug Education
Nananimal crossing nan Normal Nature
Billyanimal crossing billy Jock Play
Gruffanimal crossing gruff Cranky Music
Velmaanimal crossing velma Snooty Education
Villager Personality Favorite Hobby
Booneanimal crossing boone Jock Fitness
Louieanimal crossing louie Jock Fitness
Alanimal crossing al Lazy Fitness
Boydanimal crossing boyd Cranky Fitness
Cesaranimal crossing cesar Cranky Fitness
Hansanimal crossing hans Smug Fitness
Peewee Cranky Fitness
Rocketanimal crossing rocket Sisterly Fitness
Violetanimal crossing violet Snooty Fitness
Rilla Peppy Nature
Villager Personality Favorite Hobby
Appleanimal crossing apple Peppy Play
Flurryanimal crossing flurry Normal Nature
Hamletanimal crossing hamelet Jock Play
Grahamanimal crossing graham Smug Education
Soleianimal crossing soleil Snooty Education
Clayanimal crossing clay Lazy Nature
Hamphreyanimal crossing hamphrey Cranky Nature
Rodneyanimal crossing rodney Smug Music
Villager Personality Favorite Hobby
Berthaanimal crossing bertha Normal Education
Bubblesanimal crossing bubbles Peppy Fashion
Bittyanimal crossing bitty Snooty Education
Harryanimal crossing harry Cranky Education
Hippeuxanimal crossing hippeux Smug Education
Roccoanimal crossing rocco Cranky Education
Biffanimal crossing biff Jock Fitness
Chai Peppy Play
Villager Personality Favorite Hobby
Juliananimal crossing julian Smug Music
Reneighanimal crossing reneigh Sisterly Play
Roscoeanimal crossing roscoe Cranky Music
Annaliseanimal crossing annalise Snooty Fashion
Cleoanimal crossing cleo Snooty Education
Coltonanimal crossing colton Smug Nature
Papianimal crossing papi Lazy Nature
Elmeranimal crossing elmer Lazy Play
Savannahanimal crossing savannah Normal Music
Buckanimal crossing buck Jock Fitness
Clydeanimal crossing clyde Lazy Play
Edanimal crossing ed Smug Nature
Peachesanimal crossing peaches Normal Education
Victoriaanimal crossing victoria Peppy Fitness
Winnieanimal crossing winnie Peppy Fashion
Villager Personality Favorite Hobby
Carrieanimal crossing carrie Normal Nature
Rooneyanimal crossing rooney Cranky Fitness
Sylviaanimal crossing sylvia Sisterly Music
Astridanimal crossing astrid Snooty Music
Kittanimal crossing kitt Normal Education
Marcieanimal crossing marcie Normal Nature
Mathildaanimal crossing mathilda Snooty Fitness
Waltanimal crossing walt Cranky Fitness
Villager Personality Favorite Hobby
Eugeneanimal crossing eugene Smug Music
Alice Normal Education
Lymananimal crossing lyman Jock Play
Melba Normal Education
Ozzieanimal crossing sydney Lazy Play
Sydneyanimal crossing sydney Normal Music
Yukaanimal crossing yuka Snooty Fashion
Canberraanimal crossing canberra Sisterly Play
Gonzoanimal crossing gonzo Cranky Nature
Villager Personality Favorite Hobby
Leopold Smug Education
Lionel Smug Music
Budanimal crossing bud Jock Fitness
Elvis Cranky Education
Mottanimal crossing mott Jock Fitness
Rexanimal crossing rex Lazy Nature
Roryanimal crossing rory Jock Music
Villager Personality Favorite Hobby
Delianimal crossing deli Lazy Nature
Nanaanimal crossing nana Normal Education
Sharianimal crossing shari Sisterly Music
Eliseanimal crossing elise Snooty Fashion
Flipanimal crossing flip Jock Music
Montyanimal crossing monty Cranky Education
Simonanimal crossing simon Lazy Play
Tammianimal crossing tammi Peppy Fashion
Villager Personality Favorite Hobby
Doraanimal crossing dora Normal Education
Bellaanimal crossing bella Peppy Music
Bettina Normal Education
Breeanimal crossing bree Snooty Fashion
Penelopeanimal crossing penelope Peppy Fashion
Rod Jock Fitness
Samsonanimal crossing samson Jock Fitness
Anicotti Peppy Fashion
Broccolo Lazy Play
Candianimal crossing candi Peppy Play
Chadderanimal crossing chaddar Smug Fitness
Gretaanimal crossing greta Snooty Education
Limberganimal crossing limberg Cranky Education
Mooseanimal crossing moose Jock Fitness
Rizzoanimal crossing rizzo Cranky Education
Villager Personality Favorite Hobby
Marinaanimal crossing marina Normal Music
Zuckeranimal crossing zucker Lazy Nature
Octaviananimal crossing octavian Cranky Play
Villager Personality Favorite Hobby
Blancheanimal crossing blanche Snooty Nature
Floraanimal crossing flora Peppy Play
Phoebeanimal crossing phobe Sisterly Fitness
Cranstonanimal crossing cranston Lazy Nature
Gladysanimal crossing gladys Normal Education
Juliaanimal crossing julia Snooty Education
Philanimal crossing phil Smug Music
Queenieanimal crossing queenie Snooty Fashion
Sandyanimal crossing sandy Normal Nature
Sprocketanimal crossing sprocket Jock Music
Villager Personality Favorite Hobby
Roaldanimal crossing roald Jock Fitness
Sprinkleanimal crossing sprinkle Peppy Play
Auroraanimal crossing aurora Normal Education
Frigaanimal crossing friga Snooty Fashion
Gwenanimal crossing gwen Snooty Fashion
Hopperanimal crossing hopper Cranky Music
Boomeranimal crossing boomer Lazy Fitness
Cubeanimal crossing cube Lazy Play
Flo Sisterly Music
Igglyanimal crossing iggly Jock Fitness
Puckanimal crossing puck Lazy Fitness
Texanimal crossing tex Smug Music
Wadeanimal crossing wade Lazy Nature
Villager Personality Favorite Hobby
Galaanimal crossing gala Normal Education
Hughanimal crossing hugh Lazy Play
Agnesanimal crossing agnes Sisterly Play
Curlyanimal crossing curly Jock Fitness
Kevinanimal crossing kevin Jock Play
Lucyanimal crossing lucy Normal Music
Borisanimal crossing boris Cranky Nature
Chopsanimal crossing chops Smug Education
Cobbanimal crossing cobb Jock Education
Maggieanimal crossing maggie Normal Nature
Pancettianimal crossing pancetti Snooty Music
Peggyanimal crossing peggy Peppy Fashion
Rasheranimal crossing rasher Cranky Music
Sporkanimal crossing spork Lazy Play
Trufflesanimal crossing truffles Peppy Fashion
Villager Personality Favorite Hobby
Cocoanimal crossing coco Normal Education
Rubyanimal crossing ruby Peppy Nature
Bunnieanimal crossing bunnie Peppy Fashion
Chrissyanimal crossing chrissy Peppy Fashion
Coleanimal crossing cole Lazy Nature
Francineanimal crossing francine Snooty Fashion
Genjianimal crossing genji Jock Fitness
Miraanimal crossing mira Sisterly Fitness
Tiffanyanimal crossing tiffany Snooty Fashion
Bonbonanimal crossing bonbon Peppy Play
Carmenanimal crossing carmen Peppy Fashion
Claudeanimal crossing claude Lazy Nature
Docanimal crossing doc Lazy Education
Dottyanimal crossing dotty Peppy Fashion
Gabianimal crossing gaby Peppy Fashion
Hopkinsanimal crossing hopkins Lazy Nature
O’Hareanimal crossing ohare Smug Nature
Snakeanimal crossing snake Jock Fitness
Gastonanimal crossing gaston Cranky Education
Pippyanimal crossing pippy Peppy Fashion
Toby Smug Music
Villager Personality Favorite Hobby
Merengueanimal crossing merengue Normal Nature
Hornsbyanimal crossing hornsby Lazy Nature
Tankanimal crossing tank Jock Fitness
Reneeanimal crossing renee Sisterly Music
Rhondaanimal crossing rhonda Normal Music
Spikeanimal crossing spike Cranky Nature
Villager Personality Favorite Hobby
Domanimal crossing dom Jock Play
Muffyanimal crossing muffy Sisterly Music
Pietroanimal crossing pietro Smug Music
Baabaraanimal crossing baabara Snooty Fashion
Curlosanimal crossing curlos Smug Nature
Euniceanimal crossing eunice Normal Fashion
Fritaanimal crossing frita Sisterly Music
Stellaanimal crossing stella Normal Nature
Timbraanimal crossing timbra Snooty Education
Willowanimal crossing willow Snooty Fashion
Cashmereanimal crossing cashmere Snooty Fashion
Vestaanimal crossing vesta Normal Fashion
Wendyanimal crossing wendy Peppy Fashion
Etoile Normal Music
Villager Personality Favorite Hobby
Marshalanimal crossing marshal Smug Music
Poppyanimal crossing poppy Normal Education
Carolineanimal crossing caroline Normal Music
Filbertanimal crossing filbert Lazy Nature
Hazelanimal crossing hazel Sisterly Play
Mintanimal crossing mint Snooty Fashion
Staticanimal crossing statoc Cranky Music
Agent Sanimal crossing agent s Peppy Fitness
Blaireanimal crossing blaire Snooty Fashion
Callyanimal crossing cally Normal Nature
Nibblesanimal crossing nibbles Peppy Fashion
Peanutanimal crossing peanut Peppy Fashion
Pecananimal crossing pecan Snooty Fashion
Sallyanimal crossing sally Normal Music
Sylvanaanimal crossing sylvana Normal Nature
Tashaanimal crossing tasha Snooty Fitness
Rickyanimal crossing ricky Cranky Education
Sheldonanimal crossing sheldon Jock Play
Villager Personality Favorite Hobby
Bangleanimal crossing bangle Peppy Fashion
Biancaanimal crossing bianca Peppy Play
Claudiaanimal crossing claudia Snooty Music
Rolfanimal crossing rolf Cranky Fitness
Leonardoanimal crossing leonardo Jock Fitness
Rowananimal crossing rowan Jock Fitness
Tybaltanimal crossing tybalt Jock Play
Villager Personality Favorite Hobby
Audieanimal crossing audie Peppy Fitness
Whitneyanimal crossing whitney Snooty Fashion
Freyaanimal crossing skye Snooty Fashion
Skyeanimal crossing skye Normal Music
Chiefanimal crossing chief Cranky Music
Fanganimal crossing fang Cranky Education
Wolfganganimal crossing wolfgang Cranky Education
Loboanimal crossing lobo Cranky Education
Dobieanimal crossing dobie Cranky Nature
Kyleanimal crossing kyle Smug Music
Viviananimal crossing vivian Snooty Education

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