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Ric Flair's Steakhouse Outfit: A Review

Meals can't take place without a picture, and neither can a sick fit. But was Ric Flair's steakhouse outfit something befitting the Nature Boy?

Despite a growing number of online conspiracists who believe that the real Ric Flair disappeared sometime in the mid ’90s to live out his life and was replaced, Nikki Sixx style, the Nature Boy (or “Nature Boy”) has been in the news lately as he prepares for the major spectacle of his final match.

That’s fine. I’m sure he’ll have a real good time in the ring for one more night, but if you’re planning a big event, you (or your curated team of publicists and social media managers) have got to run some promo, and in 2022 the most effective “promo” is the trappings of “influencer culture,” a culture to which Flair (and/or his social media team) has adapted handily.

On June 12, Flair and a companion stepped out for a meal at Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse in Charlotte, North Carolina. No meal actually happens unless you post about it online, and that’s what Ric did, posting a shot of him and his date in front of the entrance of the upscale Piedmont Town Center.

The photo also features a person who appears to be a parking attendant in the background and the look on his face is absolutely perfect. I really hope that guy had a good day at work. Whatever they’re paying him, he deserves double.

Flair dressed in a blue-on-blue-on-blue ensemble for the meal that consisted of a sport coat over a tee-shirt atop a pair of shorts. At a casual glance, they look for all the world like jean shorts, but you know The Nature Boy isn’t stepping out of the house dressed like John Cena. Even if he wanted to, Del Frisco’s wouldn’t allow it. Their dress code explicitly states that “dress shorts are acceptable.” Let’s break it down.

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