WWE Monday Night Raw 11/11/2019: A Review


Monday Night Raw


Raw tonight is pre-taped, pre-determined, and pre-venting me from having a very good time. Same stuff every week, but tonight the crowd has a thick accent and falls asleep for half the show.

  • Respectful king R-Truth declined to enter the women's locker room, even in pursuit of the 24/7 Championship
  • Zelina Vega served the greatest of looks in that cross jumpsuit
  • Erick Rowan carried around something mysterious and alive in a little cage
  • Humberto Carrillo finally got a win on Raw! Dimple Rights!
  • Dead crowd got increasingly dead in last hour
  • Charlotte and Becky getting a tag title opportunity when it was Natalya who submitted Asuka last week
  • Walter/Rollins turning into an 8 man tag for Raw vs NXT even though NXT UK doesn't seem to be playing much of a role in Survivor Series at all
  • How do you give Andrade vs Cedric Alexander less than 5 minutes? That's legal?
  • Aleister Black's gimmick is still angry vlogging in his little black room
  • Beautiful friendship of Ricochet and Humberto marred by presence of Randall Keith


born on a ranch in texas, raised by cowboys. don't fact check this.

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