What Wrestling Should You Watch This Weekend? (8/14/20)

Saturday 8/15: All Japan Pro Wrestling Atsushi Aoki Memorial AA Forever

(Streams live at 5:30AM EDT on AJPW TV.)

This is All Japan’s second memorial show celebrating the life of NOAH and All Japan wrestler Atsushi Aoki. The 41-year-old died tragically last June in a motorcycle accident while still the reigning AJPW World Junior Heavyweight Champion. His death hit the Japanese wrestling community hard, and wrestlers from across the country come together here to honor him.

The show features two Aoki memorial matches. The first includes his next scheduled challenger at the time of his death, Hikaru Sato. The second, which closes the show, features guests Shigehiro Irie and Yuji Okabayashi in a six-man match along with some of All Japan’s top talent. There’s also an All Asia Tag Team Title match, with Zeus and Izanagi challenging against Yankee Two Kenju. The first memorial show last year drew 1,813 fans to Korakuen Hall, and while safety concerns mean the numbers this year will be greatly reduced, the show still stands to draw a large audience to the venue.

Saturday 8/15: Pure-J Pure Dream 2020†

(Streams  at 6AM EDT on Nico Pro.)

Owned by veteran wrestler Command Bolshoi, Pure-J is a small but scrappy joshi promotion that I’ve come to love despite its position in the industry. The respectable turnout for this Korakuen Hall show suggests that Japanese fans have come to love the promotion as well. The card is mostly tag matches showcasing the promotion’s talent, as well as high-profile guests like Aja Kong and Jaguar Yokota. The main event sees Makoto & Moeka Haruhi defending in a tag team title match against Hanako Nakamori & Rina Yamashita.

Sunday 8/16: DDT Summer Boyz Vacation!

(Streams live at 4AM EDT on Wrestle Universe.)

The DDT Boyz concept was an instant hit with fans when it was revived last year. It has continued to thrive under the direction of Akito, who took control after the first new show. Boyz focuses on presenting DDT’s hottest male roster members to an all-female audience, and is surprisingly joyful for a promotion built around fanservice. The shows feature wrestlers in stylish outfits, sexy situations and a variety of silly stipulation matches. Some match names this time include: Style Exchange, Dress Code Tag Match and Shall We Dance? These shows are a highlight of the DDT schedule, and worth watching whether you come for the fanservice, the wrestling or both.

Nothing from May 13, 2021 to June 13, 2021.


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