What Wrestling Should You Watch This Week? (1/27/20)

[Ed. Note: We’re messing with the format a little! If you’re a longtime devotee of The Fanfyte Wrestling Schedule, the big table of shows is at the bottom of the post.]

Sendai Girls

Monday: Sendai Girls New Year Senjo

(Streams at 8 AM EST on 1/27 on Nico Pro, available as VOD after.)

Nico Pro has Sendai Girls’ Wrestle Kingdom week show, which was taped on 1/5. The main event sees Chihiro Hashimoto face Shuri in a singles match, and elsewhere on the card Dash Chisako & 15-year-old Sendai Girls trainee Manami face Sareee & Diana trainee Haruka Umesaki, while Meiko Satomura teams with KAORU against Yuu & Charli Evans. This isn’t anything out of the ordinary for Sendai Girls, but nearly all Sendai Girls shows are enjoyable, so this should be too.

Tuesday: Tokyo Joshi Pro Winter Wonderful Harmony

(Available on VOD at 4 AM EST on 1/28 on DDT Universe.)

This TJPW show from the Winter Wonderful Harmony series, taped on 1/25, airs on VOD Tuesday. The Three Woman Party one day trios tournament is the biggest feature here, with 4 trios of women from TJPW competing across 5 tournament matches. Singles matches fill out the rest of the card. The semi-main may be the match of the night, with Miyu Yamashita facing Natsumi Maki. The other two matches see Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestlers vs. guests in the form of Dalys and La Jarochita from CMLL. Because so many of CMLL’s women’s division matches are rigid and formulaic, it will be interesting to see what both women bring to the table outside of that framework.

More Pro Wrestling:

Pro Wrestling WAVE

Wednesday: Pro Wrestling WAVE Saturday Night Fever

(Streams at 5 AM EST on 1/29 on Nico Pro, available as VOD after.)

Joshi promotion Pro Wrestling WAVE is airing a 1/17 show on Nico Pro, featuring Yuu, Sareee, Takumi Iroha, Miyuki Takase and Sakura Hirota, among others.

Thursday: Más Lucha +Lucha and Chill

(Streams at 10:30 PM EST on 1/30 on the Más Lucha YouTube.)

Thursday is pretty bare as far as wrestling shows go. If you need something to watch, Mexican lucha libre news site Más Lucha does a weekly Thursday stream of an indie lucha show from one of a rotating group of promotions on their YouTube channel. They mostly aren’t announced ahead of time, but they’re usually worth watching, and it’s one of the better ways to check into indie wrestling in a country where paid wrestling streaming services are uncommon.

Dragon Gate

Friday: Dragon Gate Toryumon Reunion

(Streams live at 4:15 AM EST on 1/31 on Dragon Gate Network, available as VOD after.)

Dragon Gate streams the 21st anniversary show for its predecessor promotion, Toryumon Japan, from Korakuen Hall on Friday morning. This show celebrates the promotion that Último Dragón founded in 1999, before many of his students broke ties and founded Dragon Gate in 2004. Último Dragón only recently reconciled with Dragon Gate, appearing in Dragon Gate proper for the first time ever on July 21st, 2019. Current Dragon Gate roster members trained in the Toryumon system will appear, many wrestling under their old Toryumon gimmicks, and a number of past graduates from different variations of Toryumon dojo, both in Mexico and Japan, will return. DDT wrestlers Toru Owashi and Masahiro Takanashi are among the guests, both of whom trained in Toryumon (Owashi graduated, Takanashi did not.) Two former Toryumon units, Italian Connection and M2K, will reform for the show. It should be a fun, weird, special show.

Saturday: DDT Valentine Itaba Series

(Streams live at 9 AM EST on 2/1 on DDT Universe, available as VOD after.)

DDT hasn’t announced the card for this show yet, but because of the events of the 1/26 Korakuen Hall show, I’m eager to see what happens. The trio of Kazusada Higuchi, Yukio Sakiguchi and Saki Akai, now known as Eruption, made an impressive debut, and the outcomes of the KO-D Tag Team Title match and the KO-D Openweight title (which I won’t spoil here) should both have interesting fallout. That, and the Valentine’s Day theming of the show should provide ample opportunities for some uniquely DDT stipulations.


Saturday/Sunday: New Japan New Beginning in Sapporo (Editor’s Pick!)

(Streams Live at 4 AM EST on 2/1 and 1 AM EST on 2/2 on New Japan World, available as VOD after.)

Hunktears: Obviously my picks for the week are the New Japan New Beginning in Sapporo shows! The first night has the dream team of Jon Moxley and Kazuchika Okada taking on Minoru Suzuki and Taichi, Tomohiro Ishii vs EVIL, and then Shingo Takagi challenging Hirooki Goto for the NEVER Openweight Championship. The second night has the even dreamier team of Jon Moxley and Ryusuke Fucking Taguchi with wrestling’s favorite boyband Roppongi 3K against Suzuki-gun. This goes beyond big brain into ascended brain territory. The brain who put Taguchi, R3K and Moxley together exists on a higher plane than the rest of us. Then it’s got LIJ vs Bullet Club, Ospreay vs Sabre for the RevPro title, and a main event of Kazuchika Okada vs Taichi. In a beautiful singles match. What have I done to deserve so many blessings?

Full Streaming Schedule

(All times EST)
Monday, 1/27 Tuesday, 1/28 Wednesday, 1/29 Thursday, 1/30 Friday, 1/31 Saturday, 2/1 Sunday, 2/2
2AW Grand Slam in Shin-Kiba (Nico Pro 5AM EST)† Tokyo Joshi Pro 2020 Winter Wonderful Harmony (DDT Universe 4AM EST)†** Pro Wrestling WAVE (Nico Pro 5AM EST)†** NXT UK (WWE Network 3PM EST)† Dragon Gate Toryumon Reunion
(Dragon Gate Network, 4:15 AM EST)** Tokyo Joshi Pro Winter Wonderful Harmony
 (DDT Universe 3AM EST) New Japan The New Beginning in Sapporo (New Japan World 1AM EST)**
Sendai Girls 
(Nico Pro 8AM EST)†** NWA Powerrr (NWA YouTube 6:05 PM EST)† AEW Dynamite TNT 8PM EST) +Lucha and Chill
 (Más Lucha YouTube 10:30 PM)†** WWE SmackDown (Fox 8PM EST) Pure-J
 (Nico Pro 4AM EST)† Dragon Gate Acros Fukuoka (Night) 
(Dragon Gate Network, 2:45 AM EST)
WWE Raw (USA 8PM) AEW Dark (AEW YouTube 7PM EST)† WWE NXT (USA 8PM) CMLL Arena Mexico (CMLL YouTube 9:30 PM EST) New Japan The New Beginning in Sapporo (New Japan World 4AM EST)** Ganbare ☆ Wrestling Love
 (DDT Universe 3:30 AM EST)
CMLL Arena Puebla 
(CMLL Youtube 10PM EST) IMPACT! (AXS, 8PM EST)† WRG Torneo FILL (InterneTV Deportes YouTube 8:45 PM EST) WWE 205 Live (WWE Network 10PM EST) Freedoms
 (Nico Pro 6:30 AM EST)† CMLL Arena Mexico
(Mexiquense TV 1PM EST)†
MLW Fusion #94 (YouTube)† CMLL Arena Mexico (CMLL YouTube 8:30 PM EST) DDT Valentine Itaba Series
 (DDT Universe 9AM EST)**
Ganbare ☆ Wrestling
 (DDT Universe 9PM EST)
Dragon Gate Acros Fukuoka (Day) 
(Dragon Gate Network, 10:45 PM EST)
Ganbare ☆ Women’s Professional Wrestling Butterfly Ranbu
(DDT Universe 11:30 PM EST)
** = Recommended
†= Pretaped
ⱽᴼᴰ= Will be made available online at some point after the show

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