Welcome to FanFyte

I'm sorry this introduction isn't more tough, but you can add "bitch" to the end of every sentence if you want

I know what you’re thinking. “Why is the Fanbyte logo so hot now? How do I get a sick bod and juicy mullet like that?” (It’s just diet and exercise and genetics, bro.) Nah, you’re probably thinking something more like “oh cool! Fanbyte has a wrestling section now! What can I expect from this thing?”

FanFyte isn’t just about sick muscles and radical hairstyles, it’s about all of pro wrestling (including sick muscles and radical hairstyles.) 

Pro wrestling can be a lot of things. Like, a lot of things: serious, funny, pretentious, painfully sincere, corny, flashy, bloody, dangerous. Wrestling can be riveting or boring, short or long, bland or offensive or disgusting or sweet. Pro wrestling is visceral, moving, absurd, stupid, and spectacular.

The best wrestling shows I’ve ever seen are able to combine all of it: the violence, the silliness, the spectacle and the sincerity. They are self-aware enough to understand that it’s absurd, but unashamed enough to embrace that absurdity. They indulge without being self-indulgent. They love what they do without being self-important, and if they are, well, at least it’s fun.

Pro wrestling is arena melodrama bathed in bright lights and glitter. Pro wrestling is a bonafide badass MMA fighter piledriving a robot man into a river. Pro wrestling is two technicians elegantly entangling their bodies while a beer soaked crowd roars in approval. Pro wrestling painstakingly arranges fluorescent light tubes around the ring in perfect symmetry just to smash into them minutes later. Pro wrestling fills stadiums, VFW halls, ballrooms, and backyards. Or it doesn’t. Pro wrestling is failure too.

My wish is for FanFyte to mirror that richness and variation. So, FanFyte is for jokes and ironic distance just as much as it’s for heartfelt sincerity. Sometimes loving wrestling is celebrating the way genius can combine with stupidity to create something wonderful. Sometimes loving wrestling is hating wrestling.

“That didn’t answer anything, though.”

Damn… Strawman Reader, that’s way harsh.

Fine then.

FanFyte is the wrestling subsection of Fanbyte, a new home for wrestling news, event coverage, opinion pieces, essays, comedy features, the occasional hot take, and whatever else we feel like. We’re not going to say “we aren’t a regular wrestling website, we’re a cool wrestling website” or take any sledgehammers to styrofoam thrones. But we are going to insist that wrestling coverage deserves more interesting voices and distinct points of view. (We’re also like, at least medium cool, if you’re grading wrestling websites on a curve.)

That may not be worthy of a velour sweatsuit or a long elaborate entrance just yet, but hey, it’s only our first day.