The Young Bucks' Loaded Travis Scott-Edition Air Jordan 1

They're loaded with thumbtacks. The humanity!

On a night where AEW delivered from top to bottom its very best night of wrestling and surprises, the Young Bucks and the Lucha Bros delivered the night's wildest and most sensational match. In the center of the steel cage, both teams put their best foot forward to deliver a worthy sequel to their career-shortening Escalera de la Muerte ladder match at All Out two years ago. Fenix continued his run as AEW's MVP with wrestling's most innovative and jaw-dropping offense while Penta El Zero Miedo seemingly invited death to his doorstep with his sense of toughness—as well as delivering the night's most touching moment when he kissed his daughter on the cheek with his face covered in blood after he and his brother won the AEW World Tag Team Championships. As for the Young Bucks, Matt and Nick Jackson stepped up their game and leveled up from the Ring of Honor version of themselves circa 2014 to the Pro Wrestling Guerilla version of themselves circa 2011. They were not only smarmy and ridiculously irritating (example: Nick's "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan-dyed facial hair), they were cunning, borderline sadistic, and dangerous. They also reached deep inside of themselves to put a new spin on an old trick: the loaded shoe, carefully rigged with thumbtacks. Most famously seen in a PWG tag match which proved to be Candice LeRae's breakout performance, the superkick-crazy Bucks utilized it to punishing effect only to end up losing the match. Though they effectively jammed the loaded Travis Scott Jordan 1s into Penta's crimson mask repeatedly, the Lucha Bros gutted through and eventually won the match. So how do the Bucks' expensive pair of shoes measure up?


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