The SmackDown! Fist: A Review

From it’s debut in 2001 the giant SmackDown! fist delighted wrestling audiences. It was big, it was metal, and it could easily crush 3-4 superstars if it were ever to be improperly rigged. Much like the deep ocean, you had to fear it, but also respect it. Still, all good things come to an end, and in 2008 the fist took it’s last bump.

SmackDown! Fist


It's a 12 foot wide fist. I've got nothing to complain about.

  • An iconic symbol of mid-aughts SmackDown!
  • Heidenrich once read personal poetry atop the fist
  • You can jump off of it in SmackDown! Shut Your Mouth
  • Journeyed to the underworld to be a part of the Firefly Funhouse match and John Cena's nightmares.
  • Overall, a very impressive piece of craftsmanship that would not look out of place in the garden at the Guggenheim
  • It reminds me of how un-interesting the sets are these days
  • Now simply used as a nostalgia breeder—no doubt it'll make an appearance on tonight's throwback SmackDown. The fist deserves better. Let him live out his days in peace.


born on a ranch in texas, raised by cowboys. don't fact check this.

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