Hulk Hogan

A man with skin the color and texture of a wizened orange, with hair as blond and wispy as corn floss.

Hulk Hogan's 68th birthday is today, meaning that the man has been around long enough to properly quantify his worth on a 10 point scale. Did he fundamentally change professional wrestling for the worse? Yes. Did his right wing billionaire funded lawsuit against Gawker undermine the free press? Possibly. Was he temporarily thrown out of an imaginary wrestling hall of fame for making racist comments in a leaked sex tape? You bet. But 68 years is a long time to be alive, so there has to be something about his life that justifies how much Hulk Hogan knowledge, how much deep Hulk Hogan lore is smashed into my brain.


Sting and the Four Horsemen

Is Sting ACTUALLY the Dumbest Babyface of All Time? A Fanfyte Investigation

Though Sting has, with his run in AEW, absolutely cemented his status as a living legend of professional wrestling, he’s still haunted by his past. A past that has routinely been the subject of ridicule for decades. What is this ghost that I speak of? His reputation for being an…

Logan Paul Law and Order SVU

Logan Paul on Law and Order Special Victims Unit: A Review

At SummerSlam, Logan Paul proved there’s only room for one successful YouTube star in this house, and despite the views on USA Network, it sure isn’t the Miz. Given his rousing performances at dual WrestleManias and his SummerSlam victory, it was unsurprising when Paul signed a contract with WWE, promising…