Sting Saying “Mucho Respect”: A Review

Sting Saying "Mucho Respect"


After saving him from 2point0 and Daniel Garcia, Sting took a moment on the mic to tell CM Punk that he had mucho respect for him.

  • Confirms that Sting is AEW's dad.
  • CM Punk had to stand there and look like he appreciated "mucho respect."
  • Nice to have confirmation that, in the lyric "He does this, he does that," neither "this" nor "that' is "Practice Spanish on Duolingo," or, as it's known in Venice Beach, California, "Duo-Sting-O."
  • Mucho respect.
  • He didn't say "mucho respecto."

Colette Arrand

Colette Arrand is a minor transsexual poet and nu-metal enthusiast.

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