Stephanie McMahon’s ECW Kangol Hat: A Review


Stephanie McMahon's ECW Kangol Hat


When WCW and ECW invaded the World Wrestling Federation in 2001, Stephanie McMahon, the owner of ECW, was one of the invasion's generals. You knew this because she wore a hat and talked a bunch while a lot of guys who didn't wear hats stood around her while wearing the same t-shirts, waiting for something to do. It was a simpler, better time. (It was neither simpler nor better.)

  • The first thing that comes to mind when I think of the WCW/ECW InVasion. When I see it, I am comforted. I think to myself, "Ah, that era wasn't so bad."
  • Stephanie's leather hat and Paul Heyman's leather jacket were the aesthetic link keeping the entire WCW/ECW InVasion angle together.
  • Surprisingly on trend for 2001. The last time the McMahons would be on trend until Shane downloaded the SNKRS app as a middle-aged scion of wealth.
  • The lack of barbwire on the logo suggests that Steph spent her life savings on ECW because she enjoyed the technical aspect of the product.
  • Ably covered McMahon's alarmingly crimped hair.
  • That era was absolutely terrible.
  • No, really, that hat tricked me into rewatching InVasion. Imagine being fooled by a hat.
  • It's like how sometimes you remember that the podracing stuff in Episode I whips so you go to watch Episode I and it's all racism and a very passive attitude towards slavery. Here it's a "first time ever bra and panties match." FOR A HAT.
  • Zero appearances in WWE's later ECW reboot. ZERO.

Colette Arrand

Colette Arrand is a minor transsexual poet and nu-metal enthusiast.

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